Top 7 fixes for chat bubbles in Android 11 not working

Chat Bubbles is one of the features of Android 11 that got me excited. You can reply to messages without opening a messaging app and scrolling through other apps. That makes it look like a godsend feature. Unfortunately many Android 11 users cannot use the chat bubbles . Are chat bubbles or chat heads not working on your phone too? Do not worry. We found 7 working solutions to fix the chat bubbles not working on phones running Android 11.

When talking about chat bubbles, this is sure to be remembered Facebook Messenger first. That’s because Facebook Messenger was the first app to officially use chat heads. The function has been available in FB Messenger for years.

With Android 11, you can use the same feature with other messaging apps. Let’s see that in Android 11 you can get chat bubbles working for other apps. Before doing that, however, you should know a little about chat bubbles.

What are chat bubbles?

Traditionally, when you tap a notification, the app opens in full screen mode. This will take you away from the app that you actually used.

Chat bubbles allow you to multitask as they float over the app you are currently using. Whenever you receive a message notification, you can open the notification in the chat bubble and keep using the existing app. When you do this, a floating app window will open. When you’re done texting, the floating app window will collapse and the bubble will appear. Tapping the bubble will bring up the chat screen again.

Now let’s review various fixes.

1. Check software version

Before you start troubleshooting, we recommend that you check the software version of your Android phone. Chat bubbles require at least Android 11 to work. So if your phone is running Android 9 or 10, you won’t get this feature.

To check your phone’s software version, go to Settings> About. You will notice a number listed under the Android version label. And if it is Android 11, then you need to check if there are any pending updates on your phone.

Android 11 chat bubbles don't work 1

2. Restart the phone

In case you have just installed Android 11 and the chat bubbles do not appear yet, you should restart your phone properly.

3. Update apps

After you’ve updated your phone’s software, make sure to update all of the apps on your phone, especially the messaging apps. To update all apps, start the Google Play Store and open the left sidebar. Tap My Apps & Games. Tap Update All Apps.

Android 11 chat bubbles not working 16

Android 11 chat bubbles not working 17

4. Apps that support chat bubbles

Note that the chat bubble feature works mainly with messaging apps, such as: Telegram, Android messages, Facebook Messenger, etc. That should be pretty clear that the messaging apps should officially support chat bubbles on an Android 11 phone. However, the app developers must first implement support for the chat bubble feature before they will be able to use it.

At the time of this writing, only a handful of apps support the feature and that is about to change. These apps include Telegram, Facebook Messenger and Android Messages (also only in the beta version). WhatsApp does not yet support this function.

5. Activate the chat bubble function

To use chat balloons you need to enable a global setting followed by enabling it in each app as shown in the next solution. Here’s how to enable the chat bubble feature on Android 11.

Step 1: Open the settings on your Android 11 phone. Go to Apps & Notifications.

Step 2: Tap on Notifications. You will find the Bubbles setting. Tap on it.

Android 11 chat bubbles are not working 2

Android 11 chat bubbles are not working 3

step 3 : Activate the switch next to “Allow apps to display speech balloons”.

Android 11 chat bubbles are not working 4

6. Activate chat bubbles in the app settings

You must also activate the function in the respective apps. Here are the steps:

Step 1: Open Settings on your phone and go to Apps.

Step 2: Under All apps, tap the app that you want to enable chat balloons for. We say Telegram. Tap on Telegram.

Android 11 chat bubbles not working 5

step 3 : Tap on Notifications inside Telegram. Then tap on bubbles.

Android 11 chat bubbles not working 6

Android 11 chat bubbles not working 7

Step 4: Make sure All the Conversation Can Gush is selected.

Android 11 chat bubbles not working 8

7. Use chat bubbles the right way

Once you’ve turned on the chat bubbles setting, it’s time to start using it. To do this, you need to open the notification panel when you receive a notification from a messaging app. You can find the chat bubble icon in the lower right corner of the notification. Tap it to open the floating chat window.

Android 11 chat bubbles not working 9

Android 11 chat bubbles not working 11

If you can’t find the icon, tap the little arrow in the notification. Then tap the speech bubble icon.

Android 11 chat bubbles not working 10

Android 11 chat bubbles not working 9

When the bubble is activated, any new messages you receive in this app will be shown as bubble notifications. Tap the bubble to open the message in the floating window. Tap anywhere outside the window to minimize the window.

Android 11 chat bubbles not working 12

Android 11 chat bubbles not working 13

At the bottom of the floating window, tap Manage to close the balloon or stop the chat balloons for the current conversation.

Android 11 chat bubbles not working 14

Android 11 chat bubbles not working 15

Chat bubbles forever

Now that you know how to fix chat balloons for messaging apps not working, it’s time to choose which to use. While extremely convenient for multitasking, they can also be used to conduct conversations discreetly.

If you have a Samsung phone, you can use floating chat heads without Android 11. Samsung phones have a native function that is called. is known Smart popup view . To enable it, go to Settings> Advanced Features> Smart Pop-up View. Then activate the apps to use the feature. You can use chat heads for WhatsApp as well as with the intelligent popup view.

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