Top 9 Fixes for iPhone Alarm Volume is Low or Loud

Setting up an alarm is a simple task on an iPhone. But what if the alarm volume is too low to miss or too loud to scare you. Several iPhone users have the same problem the alarm tone is abnormally high or low. Are you one of them The solutions mentioned in this post fix the alarm volume that is too low or too loud on iPhone.

Before we go any further, it’s important to get a few things out of the way. Do not disturb mode and the physical ring / mute switch does not affect the alarm tone. Your alarm clock will ring at the set volume even if both settings are activated.

Let’s review different solutions.

1. Restart iPhone

Start the troubleshooting process by restarting your iPhone. Often times, a temporary error or mistake can be causing the alarm volume issues, and a reboot should fix that.

2. Check the alarm volume

The alarm volume cannot be changed with the volume buttons unless “Change with buttons” is activated in the sound settings. So if you need to change the alarm volume, you should enable this setting first. Alternatively, you can set the alarm volume using the volume control in the sound settings.

To do this, open Settings and go to Sounds & Haptics. Use the slider under Ringtone & Notifications to adjust the alarm volume. If you want to change this volume in the future using the volume buttons on your iPhone, activate the switch for Change using buttons.

3. Change the alarm tone

It is possible that the alarm tone you set is actually quite quiet or loud. So change the alarm sound and see if you notice any difference.

To change the alarm sound on iPhone, please do the following:

Step 1: Open the Clock app on your iPhone and go to the Alarms tab.

Step 2: In the top left, tap the Edit option. Tap the alarm you want to edit.

Iphone alarm volume too low or too loud 1

Iphone alarm volume too low or too loud 2

Step 3: Tap Sound and choose a different notification sound on the next screen. Click the Save button above to save the changes.

Iphone alarm clock volume too low or loud 3

4. Check the sleep mode alarm

When you use the sleep / wake-up function (formerly known as Bedtime) on your iPhone has its own alarm volume. You need to check that the alarm volume you have set meets your requirements. Follow these steps:

Step 1: Open the Clock app and go to the Alarms tab.

Step 2: Tap Change next to the current time under Sleep / Wake up.

Iphone alarm clock volume too low or loud 6

step 3: Scroll down and you will find a volume slider under the alarm options. Use it to change the alarm volume. Click the Done button.

Iphone alarm clock volume too low or loud 7

5. Disable the attention recognition feature

Different iPhone users have pointed this out that turning off Attention-conscious function Fixed problem with alarm volume being too high or too low.

To turn it off, go to Settings> Face ID & Attention. Turn off the switch for attention grabbing features.

Iphone alarm clock volume too low or loud 4

6. Deactivate other alarm apps

Are you using other alarm apps on your iPhone? Uninstall them and see if they mess up the alarm volume.

7. Clear alarm

If the alarm volume problem only occurs with a specific alarm, try creating the alarm from scratch. To do this, delete the existing alarm and set it up again.

8. Update your phone

The software update installed on your iPhone could contain a bug that could mess up the alarm volume. In order to fix the problem, you need to update your iPhone. To do this, go to Settings> General> Software Update. Your iPhone will notify you when an update is available. Install it. Then re-create the alarm.

Iphone alarm clock volume too low or loud 8

9. Reset settings

If the alarm volume continues to sound abnormal, reset all settings on your iPhone. Fortunately, this is not a manual task as there is a single setting available for it.

Go to Settings> General> Reset> Reset All Settings. This will reset all custom settings to their original values. Find out in detail what happens when you reset iPhone settings.

Iphone alarm clock volume too low or loud 9

Time to check the connected devices

The above solutions should fix your problem. However, if it doesn’t, check the connected bluetooth devices. When a bluetooth device (headphones or speakers) is connected to your iPhone, the alarm will usually play through both your iPhone’s speaker and the speaker of the connected device. However, often due to an error that may not occur. Disable Bluetooth in Settings> Bluetooth and check that the alarm volume is back to normal.

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