Top 9 ways to fix that Facebook Images not loading

Despite tough competition from people like Instagram and Snapchat, you can’t deny Facebook’s role in modern times. Over time we’ve seen Facebook take a downhill in-app reliability. Once in a while, Facebook does not load newsfeeds, pictures or shows an error sending messages in Messenger. When faced frequently Facebook Images won’t load, read on to learn how to fix this.

There’s no point in browsing Facebook without pictures. Also, there is no real alternative to Facebook out there. Let’s fix the bugs Facebook Problem loading images on iPhone and Android.

1. Check internet connection

    Before we move on to an advanced solution to fix the problem Facebook no problem loading images, you should check out the easiest method. On the iPhone, you should connect to Wi-Fi or make sure the internet connection is enabled through Control Center. Also, make sure you have cellular data for the Facebook App.

    Mobile data for Facebook activate

    Open the Settings app on the iPhone and scroll down to Facebook. Activate Mobile Data from the following menu.

    Use the notification bar and turn on Wi-Fi or cellular data for your Android phone. Open minded Facebook and try again to load images.

    Connect data

    2. The administrator has removed the picture

    A admin a group can remove the picture that you want to display Facebook for some reason. In this case, Facebook does not load the image for you.

    You need to get in touch admin and ask for the picture you are looking for.

    3. Copyright problem

    Has the admin copy the image from an unlicensed source? Upon complaint by the first owner Facebook could ask admin to remove the image. In some cases, the company can also remove the image.

    Copyright claim

    The image you are trying to display may have been sued with copyright claims. And that’s why the company or the admin is forced to remove it from the social network.

    4. Check Facebook Service status

    Facebook hasn’t had a good time lately. The company has recently suffered great outrage around the world.

    You can go to Down detector and search for Facebook. If you notice strong spikes in outrage, it confirms that other users are also facing the same problem. You can post the problem on other social media sites such as Twitter as.

    Facebook    indignation

    You have to wait for Facebook to fix the problem from their end. Only then can you take pictures from the Facebook feed.

    5. Delete Facebook App cache (Android)

    Facebook collects cache on Android so it can quickly load pictures and frequently visited pages for you. Overloading such cache data can lead to an absurd size of the app on Android. You have to delete them Facebook Cache using the following steps.

    Step 1: Find Facebook via the Android start screen or the app drawer.

    Step 2: Long tap the app icon and go to the app info menu.

    Step 3: Go to the Storage & Cache menu.

    Step 4: Empty the cache from the following menu.

    Memory and cache menu

    Facebook-Clear cache

    Open minded Facebook on Android and you will see pictures load again as normal.

    6. Give Facebook Unrestricted data usage (Android)

    Are you trying to load Facebook with data saver enabled on an Android phone? You might face Facebook Problem loading images because the operating system is limiting the internet bandwidth. You have to give Facebook unrestricted data usage. Here is how.

    Step 1: Long press Facebook Symbol and open the app info menu.

    Step 2: Select Cellular Data & WiFi.

    Mobile data menu

    Activate unrestricted data usage

    Step 3: Activate the switch for unrestricted data usage.

    7. Use Facebook Lite (Android)

    With Facebook Stories, groups, pages, and dozens of other content, Facebook feels bloated at times. If the Facebook App doesn’t load pictures, you can try Facebook Lite app for Android.

    As the name indicates, Facebook Lite is essentially a stripped-down version of the Main Facebook App on Android.

    8. Open Facebook Post in a browser

    If you have problems loading images in the Facebook app you have to copy the link and open it in the browser. Alternatively, you can browse Facebook also from the desktop.

    Facebook  open in browser

    9. Update Facebook App

    Use an obsolete Facebook build on iPhone or Android? That can be the main reason for this Facebook does not load any images.

    You need to open the App Store or Google Play Store and the Facebook The latest version of the app.

    Start loading images on Facebook

    Facebook Addiction is real. You may be confused by the fact that the app does not load any pictures. The steps above should help you troubleshoot the problem. Which trick worked for you? Mute the sound in the comments section below.

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