Tor Browser 8.0 with privacy emphasis is based on Firefox 60 ESR, including new onboarding experience

Tor project released Tor Browser Yesterday’s 8.0, which includes a new user entry experience, redesigned circuit display and improved bridge retrieval. The new version is based on Firefox 60 ESR.
The Tor browser is a modified version of Firefox ESR, which includes extensions such as Tor button, NoScript with HTTPS is everywhere, Together with ThorTo provide a web browser that can solve many privacy issues.
The Tor browser will automatically start the Tor background process and route traffic through the Tor network. After closing the browser, privacy sensitive data such as cookies and browser history will be cleared.
The latest Tor Browser 8.0 is the first stable version based on Firefox 60 ESR (Extended Support Version), which includes a brand new user entry experience (Getting Started Guide) that reveals the unique features of the application and provides quick access to various privacy Access Settings:

Use this version of Tor browser to redesign the circuit display and move it to the site identification button (on the left side of the URL bar):
Tor browser circuit display

Users blocked by Tor will be pleased to know that Tor Browser 8.0 simplifies the way you request bridging:
Tor bridge verification code

Now, all you have to do is solve the verification code in Tor Launcher (the window that pops up before the actual browser starts) to obtain the bridge IP. Previously, requesting a bridge to bypass the review required sending an email or visiting a website.
Other changes worth mentioning in Tor Browser 8.0 include:

  • Move “new identity”, “new tour” to the file, hamburger menu
  • Tor browser now uses the pure WebExtension version of NoScript
  • Show the security status of .onions
  • Temporarily disable WebVR, wasm and Web authentication API until it is properly audited
  • Enable reader viewing mode again
  • Linux: Use newer libstdc++ to fix OpenGL software rendering on the system
  • Linux: Set SSE2 support to the minimum requirement of Tor Browser 8
  • In this version, Windows 64-bit binary files can be downloaded
  • Supports 9 new languages: Catalan, Irish, Indonesian, Icelandic, Norwegian, Danish, Hebrew, Swedish and Traditional Chinese
  • The full change log is here

Download Tor Browser

To run Tor Browser on Linux, unzip the downloaded file and double-click Tor Browser to install the launcher. In Debian, Ubuntu, Linux Mint and other Debian/Ubuntu-based Linux distributions, you can install torbrowser-launcher Software package to get the latest Tor browser and integrate it with your system:

sudo apt install torbrowser-launcher

This package downloads the latest Tor browser package for you and adds its application launcher to the system menu. The Tor browser installed with this package will be automatically updated.
After installing this package, start Tor Browser from the application menu.