Twitter and Reddit engineers see significant performance improvements with the new M1 Pro / Max MacBook Pros

Apple’s new MacBook Pros M1 Pro and M1 Max bring a noticeable leap in performance and efficiency. The gains are large enough that on a large-scale implementation, companies can end up saving millions of dollars by reducing the amount of time engineers spend waiting for their builds to compile. Twitter does just that after seeing the benefits of Apple’s new MacBook Pros.

First discovered by MacRumors , John Szumski, chief engineer at Twitter, announced that the company is manufacturing fully featured M1 Max MacBook Pros to all of its iOS and Android engineers. The new machines bring notable improvements in “performance and thermal throttling” that affect all Intel-based MacBooks.

I am excited to be making fully charged M1 Max MBPs available to everyone Twitter’s iOS and Android engineers! We’re seeing improvements in both top-line performance and thermal throttling that are currently plaguing our Intel builds.

– John Szumski (@jszumski) November 5, 2021

Twitter isn’t the only company that has seen massive benefits with the new M1 Pro / Max MacBook Pros. Reddit HR engineer Jameson also shared recently Twitter that the new MacBooks have halved the build times of their Android app in 2021. With a back-of-the-serve bill, the engineer says shipping the M1 Pro / Max MacBook Pros to his nine engineers will cost the company $ 32,000, breaking break even in just three months.

We recently saw the new M1 MacBooks in 2021 cut our Android build times in half.

For a team of 9, $ 32,000 worth of laptops will actually save $ 100,000 in productivity by 2022. The break-even point is 3 months.

TL; DR engineering hours are way more expensive than laptops!

– Jameson (@softwarejameson) November 3, 2021

These are just a few examples of how the new M1 Pro / Max MacBook Pros can radically improve workflow and save a company millions of dollars in man-hours. The new M1 Pro / Max MacBook Pros are significantly faster than all previous Intel-based MacBooks. They even give far more expensive devices like the Mac Pro and the 27-inch iMac Pro a run for their money in the performance department.

The new MacBook Pros are more expensive than their predecessors and other similar laptops in the market, but the performance and efficiency gains they bring more than make up for it.

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