Ubuntu 18.04 Linux kernel update causes boot delay 4 minutes or more on some systems

Linux kernel insect The startup time found in the recent Ubuntu 18.04 update is very slow (about 4 minutes or even 4 minutes) More) On some systems.
The kernel image (version 4.15.0-24) that caused the problem was released as an update to Ubuntu 18.04 on July 4. Removed Get it from the repository archive when I published this article.
A fix for this issue has been released, but it has been updated package Currently only available in the repositories recommended by Ubuntu 18.04-hope it will become the main repository soon.
The user mentioned that apparently booting to the previous kernel Do not Solve this problem, although that may be another problem.
Before upgrading the package containing the patch from the suggested repository, if you are affected by this error (seemingly related to entropy), you can speed up the boot process by “shaking the mouse (or finger on the touchpad)” Or press the shift or ctrl key during startup to make the system generate entropy faster”, mentioned Oliver Greywater In Google+ Reply.
This error does not affect all systems. Actually, I am running this kernel now, and have not noticed an increase in the boot time on the Ubuntu 18.04 desktop:

Update: A new kernel has been pushed as an update, which is expected to solve this problem.