Ubuntu’s Gedit text editor does not save files to VirtualBox shared folders

The file “/ media / sf_virtualbox_shared / error” could not be saved.Unexpected error: Temporary file renaming error: Text file is busy

When I save a text file to a VirtualBox shared folder using the Gedit text editor on an Ubuntu guest and a Windows host, I get the above error after the first save and cannot save. This is an old bug, but it hasn’t been resolved yet. virtualbox And Gnome

You can solve this problem in the following ways: But this is not an easy solution.

Open the Gedit text editor and click on the hamburger menu to select Environmental setting..

gedit settings

The settings window will open and select Editor tab.You can check here Make a backup copy of the file before saving And close it.

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gedit editor settings

Then, when you save the file from now on, you need to save the file twice. Save first, ignore the error, then save again. And it works. In this way, you can resolve the unexpected error: Temporary file renaming error: Text file busy error in Ubuntu-based Gedit error.

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