Update Sophos Antivirus: Download Database and Latest Version

Security in our equipment, whether desktop, portable or mobile, is one of the areas that most concern us today. To keep these devices and everything they store safe, what we do is use security solutions in the form of antivirus, such as Sophos Home .

And it is necessary to know that in the times in which the Internet has become a key element, the security of our data is more important than ever. That is why we could say that the antivirus has become one of the essential programs that we all must have all installed on the PC . As most of you already know, thanks to this security software we have the possibility to protect ourselves from all kinds of external attacks.

Say that the risks to which we are exposed, most from the Internet, are countless. These computer attacks that can affect us on a daily basis, endanger our security and that of everything on the computer. To all this we must add that more and more private and personal data that we transmit and use via the web, so the risks increase greatly.

The importance of keeping our antivirus updated

We have a huge number of security solutions at your fingertips, both paid and free. On the one hand, we can opt for Windows Defender, an antivirus that by default already includes Windows 10 in its own operating system. But at the same time we can opt for any other third-party antivirus, such as Sophos Home, one of the solutions of this type from this well-known firm.

Of course, something that we must be very clear about is that not only is it enough to install the program as such, and voila, since it needs some maintenance. With this, what we really want to tell you is that for this and any other security software to be effective, it must be kept up to date. This type of task is sometimes carried out in a more or less automatic way. Its developers are responsible for this through the interface of the program that we download and install. Other times we have to do it ourselves manually.

What we must bear in mind is that here we are not only talking about updating the program as such. At the same time, it is even more important, the same we have to do with the database that contains the viruses and threats against which the software can protect us. In fact, it could be said that an antivirus without updating is of little use, since it will not be able to protect us against the latest malware released.

Update Sophos Home antivirus

As we mentioned before, there are many security firms that we can use in order to protect our equipment. This is something almost mandatory both at a domestic and more professional level. Therefore, Sophos is one of those companies that has been around for a good number of years, so its security and reliability is guaranteed. Thus, it is more than likely that we have heard about this company on more than one occasion in security-related environments.

To say that to make sure that the program as such is perfectly updated, the best we can do in principle is to download it from its official website. This is something we achieve from this link , from where we download the latest version of Sophos Home. In fact, the installation of the program as such in this case takes a little longer than usual, since it is updated during the installation process.

To give us an idea, the installation of Sophos Home in this case can take us even more than 10 minutes, which is not usual in these programs. But at least we will be sure that we have the most recent version of the program. Of course, what we must be clear about is that here we refer to the application as such, which we could consider as the client that we install locally.

Antivirus operating mode

We say this because to access the configuration and operation options of this security proposal, we will do it in the cloud. This is also not the most common, but when trying to access the Sophos Home Control Panel, a tab will open in the default system browser , with the same. It will be from here from where we can configure the program and all the functions that it presents.

At this point, what we do recommend is creating your own personal Sophos account. For this, we will only need to have a valid email account and it will allow us to access all the functions of the program. Then also, as we mentioned before, we are faced with the update of the antivirus malware database.

How to update the Sophos Home database

Well, this is an even simpler process, since the program itself is the one that alerts us to the local client that we install in Windows. In fact, we must bear in mind that the moment there is a new database update available, the software will update automatically . Therefore, in this specific case, we do not have the option to activate or deactivate this action, it is carried out whenever necessary.

And of course, if we take into account that a good part of its operation is done in the cloud, it is assumed that we have an Internet connection. If necessary, yes, when the program is updated, we will be forced to restart the computer for the changes to take effect.

With all this, what we make sure is to be completely protected at all times on our Windows computer , as well as the data that we keep here.

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