UPS blames new MacBook Pro delays for “mechanical failures”

Pre-orders for the Build-to-Order MacBook Pro have been postponed until December. Apple has sent out emails to some MacBook Pro buyers informing them of a late delivery. Now UPS has informed some MacBook Pro owners that “mechanical failures” caused the unexpected delay.

The first pre-orders for MacBook Pro are expected to reach buyers on October 26th. They just received an email from Apple informing them of the delay. As mentioned earlier, the emails say the delivery date will be postponed to December. However, there is no mention of why the deliveries were delayed.

UPS is one of Apple’s most important delivery partners. The shipping and logistics company has sent the MacBook Pro buyers a follow-up email. This main cause made a mechanical fault in particular responsible for the delay. “A mechanical failure caused a delay.” It adds, “We will update the delivery date as soon as possible.”

Buyers tracking the orders have learned that their MacBook Pro is back in China after leaving the country. More specifically, the items are stuck in Shanghai, Seoul, and South Korea. UPS instruction is perpetual. The mechanical failure could be aircraft related and it could be fixed sooner than we think.

Our opinion

The global consumer electronics market is suffering from the impact of chip scarcity. The paralyzed supply chain has delayed delivery dates for electronics. Apple seems to be doing well when it comes to meeting user demand. The MacBook Pro is already available in some Apple stores, so a delay until the chip runs out can be ruled out.

[via Apple Insider]

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