Use AntiMicroX in Linux to map gamepad buttons with keyboard, mouse or macro/script

Introduction: AntiMicroX is a GUI tool used to map your gamepad with keyboard, mouse or custom macro/script in Linux. Let’s take a closer look.

Gaming peripherals on Linux do not have a high reputation, but we do have some interesting open source tools that can make your job easier. For example, I have introduced the Piper tool before, which allows you to configure a gaming mouse.

This time, let me introduce you to an exciting open source tool that can take advantage of the game board by mapping it to a keyboard, mouse, script or macro.

In this article, I will mention why you might need it and its main functions to help you understand it further.

AntiMicroX: an open source tool for mapping gamepads

Of course, this is not for everyone, but a useful open source GUI tool, why not?

Maybe you have a system for media consumption (or as a media server on Linux). Or maybe you want to use the desktop application with a gamepad.

In addition, you may want to use it to play games that do not provide gamepad support.

In this case, AntiMicroX is the tool you want to explore (even if only for fun).

Features of AntiMicroX

Antibacterial gamepad

  • Use keyboard button mapping
  • Controller mapping to ensure that the host detects the correct trigger
  • Multi-controller configuration file
  • Ability to launch executable files using gamepad
  • Map with mouse button
  • Gamepad calibration options
  • Adjust the gamepad polling rate (if needed)
  • Automatic data support

Install AntiMicroX on Linux

Antimicrobial calibration

AntiMicroX provides a variety of options that can be installed on Linux distributions. You will find a DEB package, Flatpak package and an AppImage file.

It is easy to install it using the deb package. In addition, you can also refer to the Flatpak guide or AppImage guide to start installing AntiMicroX.

If needed, you can also build it from source code.However, you should find all necessary instructions GitHub page And the software package Release part.

Anti MicroX

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My idea of ​​using AntiMicroX on Linux

Surprisingly, mapping the gamepad buttons is easier than you might expect. I am able to use the keyboard to map buttons and assign custom macros/scripts.

Mapping buttons with the mouse is not that simple, and if you have assigned mouse buttons to different macros (as in my case), it may not work. For games, it is best to properly calibrate and map the gamepad buttons before pairing them with the keyboard buttons.

It works well when used with my universal controller. You can definitely give it a try.

Do you know did you try it? Now that we are looking for interesting open source tools, do you know something similar to this on Linux?

Let me know your thoughts in the comments below.