Use Boop-GTK to easily convert text (scriptable Scratchpad for developers)

Many operations are usually performed by pasting text that may contain confidential information into shady websites, such as Base64 encoding, JSON format, hexadecimal format to RGB, HTML encoding, Minimizing CSS, etc.

This is where Boop-GTK This is a simple editor for pasting text and performing some operations on it. The application comes with more than 50 scripts, including scripts for performing the operations I have mentioned above, as well as:

  • Remove all newlines
  • Count characters/lines/words
  • Convert text to uppercase or lowercase
  • JavaScript evaluation
  • Format CSS / JSON / SQL / XML
  • PHP deserialization
  • Delete duplicate rows
  • Remove slashes (escaped text)
  • SHA 256/512 hash
  • Sort rows
  • URL encoding/decoding
  • There are a lot more

Of course, you can perform all these operations from the command line (some operations are easier than others), but thanks to the use of Boop-GTK, you can concentrate all these operations in one place through an easy-to-use interface.

The interface of Boop-GTK is very simple. You have a text input field and a keyboard shortcut or button to launch its command panel, where you can find all available scripts and their descriptions. There is also a menu button that can be used to open the script configuration directory and reset the script to default values.

Boop-GTK is oop (MacOS only) to GTK, then Linux and Windows. As a port of Boop, it is 100% compatible with Boop scripts, and even uses Boop scripts by default. You can see the complete list of scripts built into Boop-GTK (and Boop). By visiting this link.You can also install some Other scripts Or write your own script.

Download Boop-GTK

Boop-GTK can be used for Flathub, This Snapshot storage, You will also find binaries on Linux, macOS (but you should use the original Boop if you are using macOS), and the GitHub release page of Microsoft can also Build from source.

Use Linux binaries (boop-gtk.linux.amd64), you can install it somewhere in the PATH, for example /usr/local/bin (Run this command in the folder where you downloaded the Boop-GTK Linux binary file):

sudo install boop-gtk.linux.amd64 /usr/local/bin/boop-gtk

And start it with Alt + F2 Or terminal and enter boop-gtk. Or create an application menu for it (so that you can launch it like any other application) MenuLibre E.g.


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