Use Hardinfo to graphically check hardware information on Linux

There are several ways to get hardware information about your system in Linux. Most are command line based solutions.

As a desktop Linux user, if you prefer graphics applications, let me tell you about the tools available to get information about your system hardware.

The tool is called Hard information (Abbreviation for hardware information). It is a system overview and benchmark for Linux systems. It displays hardware (and some software) information in a neat GUI tool.

Hardinfo interface

Install Hardinfo on Ubuntu and other Linux distributions

Hardinfo is a popular application and (hopefully) is available in the repositories of all major Linux distributions.

On Ubuntu, Hardinfo is available through the Universe library. Normally, it should be enabled, but there is no harm in verifying it:

Adding a repository in UbuntuMake sure the universe repository is enabled

After enabling the universe repository, you should find it in the software center. Just search for Hardinfo and you should see a file called System overview and benchmarks. That’s actually Hardinfo. You can click here to install.

Hardinfo Ubuntu Software CenterHardinfo in Ubuntu Software Center

orIf you want to install the application from the command line, you can use the following command to enable the universe repository and then install Hardinfo:

sudo add-apt-repository universe
sudo apt install hardinfo

You should find Hardinfo in the software manager of your distribution. You can easily install it through the package manager on your system. Please check and verify.

Get hardware info on Linux with Hardinfo

After installation, you can launch the application by looking in the menu:

Hardinfo in the Gnome menuSearch Hardinfo in the application menu

After launching, you will see various parameters in the left column, and if you select them, you will see related information on the right.

Hardinfo hardware summarySystem hardware summary

For example, you can see the processor information:

Hardinfo displays processor informationProcessor information

You can see which network interfaces are available for your system:

Network interface informationNetwork interface information

You can also check the CPU temperature:

Temperature via hardinfo sensor in LinuxSensor temperature

All of this information can be found on the command line, especially in the / proc directory. But it’s always nice to have a tool that can give you all this information in a user-friendly interface. Don’t you think so

I know there are other tools to get system hardware information on Linux. If you prefer other tools, which one?