Use Hypnotix to watch live TV on Linux: Linux Mint Team is developing a new IPTV application

The rise of streaming services, such as Netflix Make people speculate about the prospects of TV channels bleak. Although the new generation may not watch TV anymore, the TV channels are not out of date.

Many streaming services, such as gourd And Hotstar includes TV channels. TV channels also use real-time streaming to broadcast their content to viewers on the Internet.

Another way to watch live TV is to use IPTV. IPTV provides many TV channels, so viewers can use the Internet to watch live broadcasts. Some channels are available for free, while some channels may require subscription.

There are some applications on Linux to watch IPTV channels, but most applications have been discontinued. Linux Mint team Announce They are developing a new application that will allow you to watch TV channels via IPTV on a Linux system.

Hypnotix: New IPTV applications are under development

Hypnosis It is an IPTV streaming media application that supports live TV, movies and TV shows. It supports IPTV providers that use M3U URLs, Xtream API or local M3U playlists.

If none of the above makes sense to you, don’t worry. Hypnotix is ​​pre-configured with FreeIPTV. FreeIPTV This is a project with M3U that can accommodate more than 2,000 legally free TV channels.

This means you can get a huge list of free TV channels from all over the world.

Hypnotix free TV channel list

You can click on the country or region of your choice. It will display the channel list in the left sidebar. Clicking on a channel will start playing the content in the right column.

Live TV Linux

You can also use the F or F11 keyboard shortcut to enter the full-screen display, or use the buttons in the app.

There are also regulations for handling VOD (Video on Demand) libraries, but I can’t think of a way to use it.

Remember the following points:

  • The viewing experience depends on your internet speed and the server of the TV channel.
  • Even if some TV channels are listed in the app, they may not be available.
  • You may need to go back a few seconds or minutes, but it depends on the cache.
  • You can also pause the live streaming and it will keep a cache so that you can resume it later. I don’t know how big the cache is.
  • It is not possible to control the quality of the video stream like on YouTube and other video streaming sites.
  • You will not get detailed information about the running program in the player.
  • This is a TV broadcast, so you can see the same ads that are played during the breaks of the show.

Hypnotix cache Stream cached

Install Hypnotix on Linux

Hypnotix is ​​still in the development phase of testing . The beta version of the .deb file can be used for testing. On Ubuntu and Debian -based distributions, it can be installed from the DEB file.

Download the .DEB file for Hypnotix (beta)

At the time of writing, there are no other packages available for Hypnotix. This means Fedora and Arch users will have to wait.

More features are coming soon

The Linux Mint development team plans to add more features in the future:

  • EPG support (live TV show)
  • PVR: pause, time shift, record, etc.
  • Custom category: List channels in the appropriate category
  • Favorites: This way you don’t have to search for your favorite channels all the time.
  • Hide unused content

I like the Linux Mint team. Unlike many other distros, they are more than just Ubuntu or Arch repackages with different themes and wallpapers. They not only developed releases for users, but also developed Hypnotix, Warpinator and other applications. Other issue maintainers should learn from the Mint team.

Hypnotix provides a way to watch IPTV channels with an easy-to-use interface. I personally don’t watch TV, but I know that many people watch TV. Are you one of them? If so, do you want to use it? Please share your views in the comments section.

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