Use Neofetch to display system information on Linux (available version 4.0.0)

If you want to show off your customized desktop and include information such as the operating system, desktop environment, themes, icons, etc. in your screenshots, Neofetch is perfect for you. Neofetch can also be used to view some system information in one stop, but honestly, this is mainly to increase speed Your screenshot ?. Neofetch It is a terminal-based system information tool that not only displays information about desktop settings, but also information about operating systems and hardware, such as CPU and GPU, system memory, kernel, uptime, etc.
What you see in the screenshot is not all Neofetch can display. you can Customize it Show more information-from CPU temperature to public IP, disk information, currently playing songs, etc.
If eligible, Neofetch can even display your current wallpaper instead of the ASCII OS logo. Claim : Neofetch urxvt Ubuntu The tool is written in Bash, has a high degree of portability, and supports Linux, MacOS, Windows, Android, etc.

Neofetch 4.0.0

Neofetch 4.0.0 was released about 8 hours ago, making the installation process easier by merging Neofetch into an executable file. To use the latest Neofetch, all you have to do now is download and run the script.
As for the changes to Neofetch features, this is what was added in version 4.0.0:

  • Added support for ArcoLinux
  • Add to Wall/Pival Support to get the current wallpaper
  • Added kitten image backend
  • Added setroot wallpaper support
  • Currently playing song information:
    • Added support for VLC and Sayonara
    • Add album data to song output
    • Added song_format to change the display of data (default is %artist%-%album%-%title%)
  • Updated Android ascii art to better work on non-unicode terminals
  • Added support for detecting dwm
  • Terminal font: added support for st and qterminal
  • Fixed Unity output in Ubuntu 18.04
  • hardware:
    • Added temperature support for Zen processors
    • Fix duplicate Intel GPU

Download Neofetch

You can also run the latest Neofetch 4.0.0 by downloading the following versions: script To make it executable and run in the terminal, as shown below:

chmod +x neofetch

Some information displayed by Neofetch requires some dependencies. check out This one Page for more information.


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