Use Sigil to create and edit EPUB files on Linux

Sigil is an open source EPUB editor available for Linux, Windows and macOS. With Sigil, you can create new e-books in EPUB file format, or edit existing EPUB e-books (file extension .epub extension).

If you want to know, EPUB is a standard e-book file format that has been approved by several digital publishing groups. Except for Amazon Kindle, it is well supported in various devices and e-book readers.

Sigil allows you to create or edit EPUB files

Imprint Is an open source software that allows you to edit EPUB files. Of course, you can create a new EPUB file from scratch.

Many people swear to Calibre to create or edit e-books. It is indeed a complete tool with many functions and not only supports the EPUB file format. However, Calibre can sometimes take up a lot of resources.

Sigil only focuses on EPUB books with the following functions:

  • Support EPUB 2 and EPUB 3 (with some limitations)
  • Provide preview and code view
  • Edit EPUB syntax
  • Table of content generators with multi-level headings
  • Edit metadat
  • Spell Check
  • REGEX supports find and replace functions
  • Support importing EPUB and HTML files, images and style sheets
  • Other plugins
  • Multi-language support for the interface
  • Supports Linux, Windows and macOS

Imprint is not What you see is what you get Editor type, in which you can type the chapters of the new book. Since EPUB relies on XML, it focuses on code. Think of it as a code editor for VS Code similar to EPUB files. Therefore, you should use other open source tools to write, export the file in .epub format (if possible), and then edit it in Sigil.

sigil epub editor

The imprint does have one Wiki Provide you with some documents about installing and using Sigil.

Install Sigil on Linux

Sigil is a cross-platform application that supports Windows and macOS as well as Linux. It is a popular software that has existed for more than ten years. This is why you should find it in the repository of your Linux distribution. Just look for it in the Software Center application of your distribution.

sigil software center ubuntuSigil in the Ubuntu Software Center

You may need to enable the universe repository in advance. You can also use the apt command in Ubuntu-based distributions:

sudo apt install sigil

Sigil has many dependencies on Python libraries and modules, so it downloads and installs a large number of packages.

Install sigil ubuntu

I will not list commands for Fedora, SUSE, Arch, and other distributions. You probably already know how to use the distribution’s package manager, right?

The version provided by your distribution may not always be the latest. If you want the latest version of Sigil, you can check its GitHub repository.

Sigil on GitHub

Not suitable for everyone, especially not suitable for reading ePUB books

I do not recommend that you use Sigil to read e-books. There are other dedicated applications on Linux that can read .epub files.

If you are a writer who has to deal with EPUB books, or if you want to digitize old books and convert them into various formats, Sigil is worth a try.

I don’t use Sigil extensively, so I can’t comment on it. I let you explore it and share your experience with the rest of us here.

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