Use SongRec (Linux Shazam client) to identify songs on the Linux desktop

Song recording It is an open source Shazam client for Linux. It is written in Rust and the GUI uses Gtk3.

Using the Shazam audio fingerprint algorithm, the app can identify songs from audio files or using a microphone. Support MP3, FLAC, WAV and OGG formats.

This method can work by analyzing captured sounds (sounds obtained from microphones or audio files) and finding matches based on acoustic fingerprints in a database of millions of songs. Most of the processing is done on the server side (so SongRec connects to the Shazam server). When a match is found in the Shazam database, SongRec will display the artist, song and album name, and the date when the recognition was completed. All recognized songs are saved in the history list, and you can export them as CSV or erase them.

Shazan It is a music recognition application owned by Apple, available for Android, iOS, watchOS and macOS. As long as the background noise level is not high enough to prevent the acquisition of acoustic fingerprints, and the song exists in the software’s database, it can identify music based on short samples.

SongRec can be used either through the GUI or from the command line. However, using it from the command line can only recognize songs in audio files. To use SongRec to identify songs from the command line, run the following command:

songrec audio-file-to-recognized-song /path/to/song.mp3

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When starting SongRec, first turn on the song recognition function of the microphone, and then constantly listen to new songs for recognition. The microphone input is shown on the right side of the application window, so you can select the input device you want to use, and there is also a volume indicator there.

If you don’t want to turn on the microphone audio recognition function, you can click the button in the application user interface to stop it using the following methods, or you can start SongRec with it closed: gui-norecording Subcommand (songrec gui-norecording).

Download SongRec

You can install Rust from the repository of your Linux distribution without having to use the instructions provided on the SongRec page. For example, on Debian/Ubuntu, install the dependencies mentioned on the SongRec page (build-essentials, libasound2-dev, libgtk-3-dev with libssl-dev) as well as cargo with rustc, And then use to install SongRec cargo install songrec.

After installation, you will not be able to find SongRec in the application menu.Start it with Alt + F2 Or use terminal and type songrec Or if /home/<YOUR_USERNAME>/.cargo/bin Not in you PATH, Start it with its full executable path (/home/<YOUR_USERNAME>/cargo/bin/songrec).

[[Edit]]SongRec is now available in Flathub Easy to install in many Linux distributions.


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