Use the new tdlib-purple to chat on Telegram from libpurple-based IM programs (and so on)

tdlib-purple is new libpurple Telegram’s plug-in is considered Purple telegram . In this way, you can chat on Telegram from chat clients that support libpurple (such as Pidgin, Finch, Bitlbee, etc.). Both Linux and Microsoft Windows have binary files.

This libpurple plugin supports most Telegram functions, from basic functions such as sending and receiving images and documents and receiving stickers to 2FA login, kicking users, secret chat (support for this feature has been added recently) and more.

As for the missing content, tdlib-purple does not support video calls, renaming groups/channels, self-destructing timers, you cannot delete messages, send or receive polls, you cannot send stickers, and you can also use other than plain text messages Can interact with the robot. The application will also open silent chat, and does not allow silent chat from the interface.

All of these are the content at the time of writing this article. Some of the listed functions that are not currently supported should be changed in future versions.Watch out for these missing feature with Enhance List to see when it will be resolved.

You may also like the SkypeWeb plugin for libpurple.

Install and use tdlib-purple

To use Telegram in a chat client that supports libpurple, you need to install tdlib-purple.You can easily do this in Debian , Ubuntu (and Ubuntu-based Linux distributions, such as Linux Mint, Pop!_OS, etc.), Fedora or openSUSE by using The official tdlib-purple repository . Have an Arch Linux AUR package with Windows binary The same

Now you can chat on Telegram using the libpurple chat client of your choice. You need to verify your Telegram account using the chat application.For example, using Pidgin, go to Accounts -> Manage Accounts ,then click Add Add a new account and select from the “Agreement” drop-down menu Telegram (tdlib) :

Add Telegram Pinyin

Then in the same Add Account In the dialog box, add your phone number as your username (don’t forget to add the country/region prefix), enter your local alias, and click Add after finishing. You will receive a login code via Telegram or SMS, which you need to enter in the pop-up dialog box:

Telegram libpurple authentication

After entering the password, Telegram should be integrated with Pidgin and you can start chatting immediately.

To change the tdlib purple setting, go to Accounts -> Telegram (tdlib) -> Edit account And in Advanced On the tab, you will find some options to set how file downloads work (inline or regular file transfer), set inline automatic download size limits, enable secret chat, and whether to display animated stickers.

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