Use the Window Corner Preview extension to get a floating real-time window preview in Gnome

I really like opera Video pop up Function, but I want to use it on any window (not just web video), so I searched for Gnome Picture-in-Picture alternatives, and then came across Window Corner Preview, which is a Gnome extension, which is implemented in an intuitive way This feature.Window corner preview A floating real-time video preview of the window is displayed in the corner of the screen. This extension is useful in many situations, such as watching certain activities in the terminal window, following YouTube or Netflix videos, using it as a way to view webcam previews, etc.

By default, the floating preview window is displayed in the upper right corner of the screen, and if you hover the mouse over it, the opacity of the window will decrease, so you can see it. The real-time preview can be moved to different corners of the screen, as shown below:

  • Left click on the preview window will move it to the opposite corner of the screen
  • Center click the preview window to move it to the previous corner
  • Right click on the preview to move it to the next corner

Other ways to control the floating real-time preview window:

  • You can zoom the live preview window by scrolling/scrolling at the top in the middle of the window
  • If you scroll along the edge of the thumbnail window, the margin will be adjusted
  • Hold down the Ctrl key when clicking the thumbnail window to focus the original window

From the extended menu, you can select the window used as the video preview, enable or disable the preview, and adjust or crop the size of the video thumbnail:Window corner preview settings

In some cases, the extension may not be able to display the real-time preview of the minimized window (the preview will stop updating). For example, this happens when streaming video with a minimized Chromium window. The solution to this problem is to simply move the application to another workspace (you can use Super + Shift + Page Down / Up Move the window to another workspace) instead of minimizing it. However, in many cases, just like using VLC or mpv media players, this method is also good.
The “window corner preview” extension lacks some complete features, such as drag and drop support for the video preview window or keyboard shortcuts, but this does not reduce its usefulness. Being able to interact with the original window via real-time thumbnails is also great, but it can be a little complicated to implement.
Although the extension has not been updated for about 8 months, it can still run normally even on the latest Gnome Shell 3.28 (although the extension has Gnome Shell 3.24 as the last supported version).

Tip: Get full-size (no cropping) floating real-time video preview of YouTube video

This is a tip on how to use “Window Corner Preview” to view real-time thumbnails of YouTube (or any other) videos in the corner of the screen in full size (not the YouTube video page) without cropping the preview window.
To understand what I mean, the Window Corner Preview extension here is used to display a regular web browser window as a real-time preview (note the preview in the lower left corner):Real-time preview window gnome shell

The actual video is small, isn’t it? Okay, this is the same video again, but this time I use Window Corner Preview in combination with a full-screen YouTube video (the full-screen video is in a different workspace):Real-time preview window gnome shell

To do this, open a new web browser window, move it to another workspace, then open the YouTube video and display it in full screen.
Next, use the full screen YouTube video, use Ctrl + Alt + down (or up) arrow Key to switch to another workspace. Now you can select the full screen video as the window from the “Window Corner Preview” menu (menu > Windows).
Please note that if you only have one monitor, the technique I mentioned above is very useful, but there are problems with a multi-monitor setup (once moved to another monitor, the mouse cannot be moved back to the monitor containing the full screen window-if someone For more information about this and how to solve it, please comment).

Download/install Gnome Shell’s Window Corner Preview extension