Use the Windows Performance Widget to View RAM and CPU Usage

With the passage of time and the arrival of new updates to Windows 10, Microsoft‘s system has not stopped improving. This is achieved thanks to the arrival of new functions and features in addition to the existing ones. One of these is the Game Bar , an element not very well known in Windows, but enormously useful.

The first thing we should know in this regard, is after the launch of Windows 10, those of Redmond proposed that the games gain weight in the system. Of course, in order to achieve this objective, the firm implemented a series of special features with which to be able to enjoy more of this playful software on our PC. One of these features that arrived was the Game Mode that automatically optimizes the operating system when we play.

But that was not all, since another of the novelties that we could see was the aforementioned Game Bar. This is an element that, as we mentioned before, despite not being very popular, has a multitude of features that will be very useful to us. Specifically, we refer here to an object that we can launch at any time while playing by means of the Win + G key combination. This Game Bar gives us access to a multitude of utilities related to the transmission of games, screenshots and various settings.

In turn, it has a series of widgets, such as the one we want to focus on in these same lines. In fact, it is the performance widget that we recommend you keep in sight at all times.

How to make performance widget visible in Game Bar

In order to keep this useful performance widget on the Windows Game Bar visible at all times, we must first activate it. For this we use the combination of keys Win + G so that the Bar appears as such.

Once it is opened, several small windows appear on the screen, which are these widgets that we are talking about. We look for the so-called Performance and click on the button with the shape of a thumbtack to always leave it in view.

Measure FPS while we play

As many of you already know, games , especially the latest generation, are the most demanding types of software with the computer. That is why not all teams are trained to be able to execute all these games in a convenient way. With everything and with this, if we leave this widget of the Windows Game Bar visible, we will be able to measure in real time the FPS with which the title that we have loaded is being executed.

This will help us to assess whether we have to make some changes to its configuration or to the operating system, or to leave it as is.

See the hardware operation of the equipment always

But this is not only its real utility, since this widget will also be useful to us on a day-to-day basis with the PC. This is because while we work with any other program in Windows, we will have the performance of the PC in view at all times. This is where the importance of the RAM being consumed, the GPU , the processor , etc. comes into play. Thus, if we notice that the equipment is not working well for whatever reason, this widget will help us to discover the reason.

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