Use these to-do list apps on your Linux desktop to get work done faster

It is very important to complete the work. If you have a list of things you plan to do, you can make your job easier. Therefore, it is not surprising that we are talking about the to-do list application on Linux here.

Of course, you can easily use some of the best note-taking applications on Linux for this purpose, but using a dedicated to-do application can help you focus on your work.

You may know some online services, but what about some great Linux applications that can be used to create to-do lists? In this article, I will focus on the best task list application available for Linux.

The best task list app for desktop Linux users

I am already in Pop! _OS tested these applications. I have also tried to mention the installation steps of the above application, but you should check the package manager of the distribution for details.

note: The list has no specific ranking order

1. Planner

Planner screenshot

Planner is probably the best task list application I have encountered in a Linux distribution.

The best is-this is a free open source project. It provides a beautiful user interface designed to provide you with a meaningful user experience. In other words, it is both simple and attractive.

Don’t forget, you will get gorgeous dark mode. As you can see in the screenshot above, you can also choose to add emojis to add fun to serious work tasks.

Overall, it looks very clean, while providing the ability to add repetitive tasks, create separate folders/projects, and sufficient and many more

how to install?

If you are using Basic operating system, You can find it in the application center. In either case, they also provide Flatpak package on Flathub.

Unless Flatpak is integrated in your software center, you should follow our guide to install Flatpak on Linux.

If you want to browse the source code, please check its source code GitHub page.


2. Come on!


Another impressive open source to-do application based on Linux, it is based on To do. Even though it is not applicable to Ubuntu 20.04 (or later) at the time of writing, you can still use it on computers with Ubuntu 19.10 or earlier.

In addition to the function of adding tasks, you can also specify rest time/interval time. Therefore, with this to-do application, you can not only complete the task in the end, but also improve your work efficiency without effort.

The user interface is simple and clear, without fancy features. If you want to learn more about it, we will write another article on Go For It.

You can also use it on your Android phone Simpletask Dropbox app.

how to install?

You can type the following command to install it on any Ubuntu-based distribution (versions before Ubuntu 20.04):

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:go-for-it-team/go-for-it-stable 
sudo apt update
sudo apt install go-for-it

If you want to install it on other Linux distributions, you can try Flatpak package on Flathub.

If you do not understand Flatpak, please refer to the complete guide on using Flatpak. For more information, you can also go to GitHub page.


3. GNOME to do

GNOME to-do app

If you use Ubuntu or other Linux distributions with the GNOME desktop environment, you should already have it installed. Just search for “to-do” and you should find it.

This is a simple to-do application that displays a list in the form of cards, and you can set up a set of tasks for each card separately. You can also add schedules to tasks. It supports extensions, you can use these extensions to enable support for todo.txt files as well as with sufficient.

GNOME to do

4. Mission Warrior [Terminal-based]

Mission warrior

Open source to-do list program based on command lineMission warriorIf you don’t need a graphical user interface (GUI), “” is an impressive tool. It also provides cross-platform support (Windows and macOS).

As shown in the screenshot above, it is easy to add and list tasks and due dates.

To make the most of it, I suggest you follow Official documents Learn how to use it and the options/features it provides.

how to install?

You can find it in the corresponding package manager of any Linux distribution. To install it in Ubuntu, you must type the following in the terminal:

sudo apt install taskwarrior

For Manjaro Linux, you only need to install Pamac Usually need to install software in Manjaro Linux.

If there are other Linux distributions, you should go to Official download page And follow the instructions.

Mission warrior

5. Task coach

Task coach

Task Coach is another open source to-do application that provides many basic functions. You can add subtasks, task descriptions, add dates, notes and more. It also supports a tree view of the task list you add and manage.

It is great to see that it provides cross-platform support (Windows, macOS and Android).

Overall, it is easy to use, has many options, and works well.

how to install?

It provides both .deb with .rpm Ubuntu and Fedora packages. In addition to this, you can also install it using PPA.

You can find all necessary documents and instructions Official download page.

You may find that its dependency on Ubuntu 20.04 caused installation errors. However, I believe it should work fine on previous Ubuntu versions.

In my case, when using the AUR package via Pamac on Manjaro Linux, it worked well for me.

Task coach

6. Todour


A very simple open source to-do list application, it also allows you to utilize the todo.txt file. You may not have many options to choose from, but you need to adjust some useful settings.

It may not be the most actively developed to-do list application, but it can accomplish the expected work.

How to install Todour?

If you are using Manjaro Linux, you can use pamac to install Todour from AUR.

Unfortunately, it does not provide any .deb Or .rpm Ubuntu/Fedora package. Therefore, you must build it from the source code, or just explore more information about it. GitHub page.


wrap up

Interestingly, I want you to take a look To-do list, This is an applet for the distribution supported by KDE. Among the mainstream task list applications, Remember The Milk is a rare application that provides a Linux client. However, it is not open source.

I hope this list of to-do specific applications can help you get your work done on Linux.

Did I miss your favorite to-do list application on Linux? Let me know your thoughts at any time!