Use this beautiful little tool to convert images to ASCII art in Linux terminal

Want to do something interesting in the Linux terminal? How to convert regular images to ASCII art?

you know What is ASCII ? It is a standard for allocating letters, numbers, and other characters in the 256 slots available in an 8-bit code. ASCII art is a graphic composed of printable ASCII characters. Basically, it is composed of a bunch of letters, numbers and special characters.

You may have seen people display their release’s logo in ASCII format, like this:

This is cool, right? How to convert ordinary pictures into ASCII art? This is what you will explore in this article.

Ascii image converter

As the name suggests, Ascii image converter It is a tool for converting images into ASCII art. It is a command-line-based tool written in Go that prints the ASCII version of the image provided to it.

You may not recognize me, but the ASCII code in the picture below is me. That is my 8-bit avatar.

abhishek prakash in ascii

The tool supports input images in the following formats:

  • PNG
  • BMP
  • Online version

Let’s see how to install and use it.

Install Ascii Image Converter on Linux

This beautiful tool can also be used on Windows, but I won’t do that. Let’s stick to Linux in this tutorial.

If you have Snap enabled in your distribution, you can easily install its snap package using the following command:

                        sudo snap install ascii-image-converter

You can also download the Linux executable file from its release page and place the executable file in the /usr/local/bin/ directory. This way, you can run it like a regular Linux command.If you want to know why this happens, please understand Linux directory hierarchy .

Use Ascii Image Converter

The usage is very simple. After installation, you only need to provide the path of the image to be converted.

                        ascii-image-converter path_to_image

You can also provide the URL of the image to convert the image to ASCII directly from the web.

This is my profile picture converted to ASCII. I put my original photos for reference.

Abhishek Prakash ascii conversion

You may also have color ASCII conversion.

                        ascii-image-converter -C path_to_image

Abhishek color ascii

You can convert multiple images to ASCII by providing the path. It will print the ASCII version one by one on the terminal display.

There is an option to save the generated ASCII artwork as a text file instead of an image. The following command will save ASCII art by adding “-ascii-art.txt” to the image name in the directory path passed to the logo.

                        ascii-image-converter path_to_image -s .

More options are available, such as specifying a specific size for the output, using more ASCII characters, or using your own character set to print ASCII art.You can Project repository .

like it?

Do you like more ASCII stuff? How about playing ASCII games on Linux? Yes, you can do it.

If you like experimenting in the terminal, you might like this tool. Although I want to know what is the practical use of ASCII to convert images. Any ideas?

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