Use this Copr repository to speed up Gnome Shell on Fedora 30

Have Copr database For Fedora 30, you can speed up Gnome Shell and Mutter by adding some patches. The repository also has builds for Fedora 29, and although they are no longer maintained, they still work.
Gnome already works fine on laptops running Fedora 30, so I can’t say from personal experience how much it has an impact. You can try it out and if it doesn’t find any improvement, or if it gets worse, you can easily remove it.
These are patches applied to Mutter and Gnome Shell in the Copr repository for Fedora 30, and their links provide more information for each path:

For Fedora 29, each patch has a link on “Patched Gnomes”. Repository page Many of these patches have been merged upstream and will be released with Gnome 3.34 (planned for release on September 11, 2019). Add the “Patched Gnome” Copr repository on Fedora 30 or 29 (but as a reminder, Fedora 29 versions are no longer maintained, although they still work), and upgrade to the patched Gnome Shell and Mutter:

                        sudo dnf copr enable pp3345/gnome-with-patches
sudo dnf upgrade

If you are using Wayland, you may also want to enable real-time scheduling (this is experimental) to reduce stuttering:

                        dconf write /org/gnome/mutter/experimental-features '["rt-scheduler"]'

And restart your computer.
Have you not noticed any improvements or some features are not working properly? Roll back the changes and return the default Gnome Shell / Mutter package from the Fedora repository using the following command:

                        sudo dnf copr disable pp3345/gnome-with-patches
sudo dnf downgrade gnome-shell mutter

By u / sabarabalesch r / Fedora


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