Use this tool to play the video as an Ubuntu animated wallpaper.

Want to play the video as an animated background wallpaper? A new tool has been added to perform jobs via GPU rendering.

Gpu video wallpaper It’s a project. As the name implies, it uses the GPU to render video with low CPU utilization.

This software uses MPV to play video files. Therefore, a large list of mp4, mkv, flv, gif, and video formats is supported. It also plays video animated wallpapers on dual or multiple monitors.

1.) Download Gpu video wallpaper

Go to the previous link or[コード]Click the button[Zip をダウンロード]Select or click the button below to download.

Download zip

2.) Run the software to play the animated wallpaper

Open the file manager, unzip the zip archive, then change to the source folder. Right-click on the blank area and select “Open in Terminal”.

Then you can run the command to play the video as an animated wallpaper.

                      ./gpu-video-wallpaper /PATH/TO/VIDEO

Type “./gpu” (without the quotes) and press Enter to autocomplete the command. Instead of entering the path to the video file, it’s easier to drag and drop the video from the file manager.

This tool relies on xrandr, pcregrep, and mpv. The first run may prompt you to ask if you want to install the dependencies. Type y to install it automatically.

3.) Stop the animation wallpaper.

Stopping the command with Ctrl + C does not stop the animated wallpaper. You need to run the following command in the same terminal window.

                      ./gpu-video-wallpaper --stop

4.) Install the tools for system-wide use.

If you like the software and want to run the command anywhere in the terminal window, use the following command to copy the executable to / usr / local / bin.

                      sudo cp gpu-video-wallpaper xwinwrap /usr/local/bin/

You can then use this command instead to play the video as an animated wallpaper.

                      gpu-video-wallpaper /PATH/TO/VIDEO

And add --startup Flag if you want to start the animated wallpaper at login. So the command looks like this:

                      gpu-video-wallpaper --startup /PATH/TO/VIDEO

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