Use TICKR (Rolling News Feed Widget) to add news ticker to your desktop

TICKR Is a news quotation desktop widget-a feed reader that displays news headlines as a small scrolling text line (stock quotations) on your desktop, available for Linux and Microsoft Windows.

Add the RSS feeds of your favorite websites to TICKR, and the tool will scroll the latest headlines in a thin translucent window similar to those available on news TV channels. Hovering the mouse over the ticker will pause scrolling, and pointing the mouse over the title will display an excerpt from the article in a tooltip. Left-click on the title in TICKR to open it in a web browser.

This scrolling news desktop widget has the ability to import and export feeds (OPML), as well as a GUI for managing RSS feeds, including some popular RSS feeds, and allows you to add, delete, rearrange, enable or disable feeds.

Tick ​​settings

From its settings (the screenshot above), it can be accessed by right-clicking on the TICKR window, and you can control various aspects such as text scroll delay, font and size, background and foreground colors, X and Y screen positions, stock quotes, and stock quote width And height, can always display TICKR at the top, the number of items displayed in each feed, and so on.

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It is also worth noting that the application is not new. However, there have been no new versions for many years-there were only beta versions between 2013 and 2020. However, it looks like its developers are active again, and a new major version will be released in 2020, and then a minor version will be released last month. Even so, the application still continues to use GTK2.

The latest version of TICKR (0.7.1) has no problems not only when using GTK-based GNOME (Ubuntu 21.04 with GNOME 40) and Xfce (Xubuntu 20.04) desktops, but also when using KDE Plasma (5.22 under Manjaro KDE) ).

When you run TICKR for the first time, it will ask you to import an OPML file. If you don’t have one, please select “No” here and the tool will ask if you want to use examples on some popular news sites.

After adding some RSS feeds (your own custom feeds or a list of examples included with TICKR), the TICKR window will be displayed at the top of the screen. If you can’t see it, look at the bottom of the open window.

If there is a panel at the top of the screen, TICKR should be displayed below it, so it will not be hidden below the panel, but if you cannot see TICKR, it may be hidden below the top panel, where if you can try to temporarily move the panel so that Ability to right-click on TICKR and change its position, or start TICKR in an intermittent manner (for example, start it -win_y=200 Start it with a gap of 200 pixels from the top of the screen). TICKR is correctly displayed under the top GNOME Shell panel, so I don’t need to make any adjustments.

bonus. Want to run multiple TICKR instances at the same time? This is an example of launching 2 TICKR instances (each with a separate feed) while also specifying a gap to the top of the screen (so 2 ​​non-overlapping):

                        tickr -instance-id=1 -win_y=200 & tickr -instance-id=2 -win_y=250

Make sure that these two instances have different RSS feeds set, otherwise they will display the same news.

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The TICKR download page lists the binaries for Debian / Ubuntu (including 2 PPAs) and Microsoft Windows. If you go to “ All downloads “On the page, you can also find RPM binary files and source code.

Arch Linux / Manjaro users can download AUR .

TICKR is also available in the official repositories of some Linux distributions, including Debian, Ubuntu, MX Linux, And more , Although it may be a very old version, it depends on the age of the Linux distribution you are using.


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