Use Trakt Scrobbler to synchronize MPV, VLC, Plex and MPC-BE/MPC-HC with

Trakt carver It is Scrobbler for Linux, macOS and Windows, it supports VLC, MPV, MPC-BE/MPC-HC and Plex (Plex Pass is not required).

The tool is controlled from the command line. After the initial setup, Trakt Scrobbler runs in the background, monitors the content (movie/TV show plot) being played in the media player you configured, and sends this information to It will also display optional desktop notifications when starting and ending scrambling.

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Trakt Scrobbler features:

  • Currently, it supports VLC, Plex, MPV and MPC-BE/MPC-HC media players, and it is possible to add support for new media players in the future
  • Command line interface to control services
  • Use automatic extraction of media information Guess, A python library for extracting information from video file names
  • Optional folder whitelist, which can be used to draft only media files in certain folders
  • Optional notification to notify the user when the scrambling code starts/stops/stops
  • In the case of misidentified files, you can specify a regular expression to manually extract the necessary details
  • Agent support

It is also worth mentioning that the application can be set to start automatically when the system starts, or it can be run manually when needed.

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Trakt Scrobbler installation and quick setup guide


Arch Linux / Manjaro users can install Trakt Scrobbler with the following command: AUR package.

For other Linux distributions, macOS and Microsoft Windows, see Trakt Scrobbler Installation page About how to install it.

Since I want to make the installation instructions for new users easier, I can find Debian/Ubuntu/Linux Mint/Pop which I think is more complete below! _OS (and other Debian/Ubuntu-based Linux distributions) and Fedora installation instructions.

Trakt Scobbler Wiki recommends the following method to install this tool pipx, A tool for installing and running Python applications in an isolated environment. To be able to use pipx, you need to install Python3 vein (It allows the creation of lightweight virtual environments for Python) and idea (Python package installer). You can also install the optional libnotify package to allow Trakt Scrobbler to send desktop notifications. Install these packages as follows:

  • Debian / Ubuntu / Linux Mint / Pop! _OS / Basic OS / Zorin OS etc.

sudo apt install python3-venv python3-pip libnotify-bin
  • Fedora:

sudo dnf install python3-pip python3-virtualenv libnotify

Now, you need to install pipx using pip (no matter which Linux distribution you use, it is the same):

python3 -m pip install --user pipx

python3 -m pipx ensurepath

The second command (pipx ensurepath)Add to ~/.local/bin Folder to your PATH. Some Linux distributions do not have this folder in the PATH, this command can solve this problem.After running the command, if ~/.local/bin Not in your PATH, you will receive a message telling you to open a new terminal or log in again. Do it.

Now you can use pipx to install Trakt Scrobbler (no matter which Linux distribution you are using, it is the same):

pipx install trakt-scrobbler

Trakt Scrobbler installation is now complete. Now it is time to configure Trakt Scrobbler and the media player to be used with it.

If you want to uninstall Trakt Scrobbler, you can use:

pipx uninstall trakt-scrobbler

When you want to upgrade Trakt Scrobbler, please use:

pipx upgrade trakt-scrobbler

Trakt Scrobbler initial setup process

Run the initial setup process of Trakt Scrobbler. In this way, you can select the media player you want to monitor, use to authorize the application, and you can also choose to set the whitelist folder to store only the media in those folders to, and enable Trakt Scrobbler to automatically start the service And then start the scrobbler service now:

trakts init

If you do not enable the automatic startup service for Trakt Scrobbler, you will need to manually run it every time you use it (using trakts run).

You also need to set up a media player to be used with Trakt Scrobbler for having a Trakt Scrobbler Wiki page It explains how to do this for VLC, Plex, mpv, and MPC-BE/MPC-HC.

Instructions for setting up with mpv on Linux, because the Trakt Scrobbler Wiki is a bit vague about this: To be able to use Trakt Scrobbler with mpv, please open ~/.config/mpv/mpv.conf Use a text editor (if the file does not exist, create the file; for example, use Gedit to open the file: gedit ~/.config/mpv/mpv.conf), and then paste the following line at the top of this file: input-ipc-server=/tmp/mpvsocket.

For more information on configuring and controlling Trakt Scrobbler, see its CLI reference Wiki page.

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