Use Vizex to visualize terminal disk space and usage

Vizex is a free open source disk space and disk usage command line visualization software for Linux. Written in Python and released under the MIT license. It supports all partitions and media on your computer. You can customize the color of text, graphs and headers. You can also exclude the partition, save the partition details in a csv or json file, and view the full battery details of your laptop.

Install Vizex on Ubuntu

Vizex is available as a Python package. Therefore, to install Vizex, you need to install pip on your Ubuntu Linux system. Follow the links below for a pip installation tutorial.

How to install pip on Ubuntu

Reboot the system after installing pip.

Python> = 3.7 is required to install Vizex. You can use this command to check the version of Python installed.

python3 --version

Install the Vizex disk visualization software on your system by running the following command in your terminal:

sudo pip3 install vizex

Then run Vizex using the following command:





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Then, if you want to see some additional details, run the following command:

vizex --details

Vizex details

You can also set the output color using the following command

vizex -d red -t blue -g green

Vizex can be upgraded in the following ways

sudo pip3 install vizex --upgrade

For full usage details, see

man vizex

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