Use Zorin OS 15 Gtk and icon themes on platforms like Ubuntu, Fedora, etc.

Zorin OS 15 was Fired In early June, the change was a new theme for the Gnome (Shell) desktop. The desktop is available in 6 colors, blue, green, gray, orange, purple, and red. This article includes previews of these themes, as well as instructions for installing them on other Linux distributions using Gnome Shell.
Gtk + 2, Gtk + 3 and Gnome Shell themes are accompanied by light and dark versions of the color matching icon themes. Gtk + and Shell themes should be used with Gtk + 3.22.30 and later / Gnome 3.28 and later (Ubuntu 18.04 / Fedora 29 and later).

ZorinBlue-Light Gtk and icon themes used on Ubuntu 18.04

The Zorin OS 15 release announcement states that the new theme “considers clarity and simplicity in the design and minimizes the visual burden on the interface, so content becomes the central focus.” Although the theme does feel simple, minimalist and fresh, the light version seems too bright for my taste.

Although Zorin OS 15 also provides the option to adapt the theme to daylight, it switches to dark mode at night and light mode during the day, but this theme is not available only on other Linux distributions. Actually, automatic theme switching is built into Zorin OS, but if you really need this feature, you can use some third-party alternatives, such as AutomaThemely, which automatically switches to a light or dark theme based on sunset and sunrise times.
It should also be noted that although these Gtk + themes work well on other Gnome-based Linux distributions (such as Ubuntu or Fedora), the Gnome Shell theme is a custom theme for Zorin OS 15 and you may be external See some inconsistent or inappropriate elements when using it. Zorin OS version. Therefore, it is best to use Zorin OS Gtk + and icon themes only on other Linux distributions.
In addition, the Zorin OS 15 theme only supports the Gnome Shell desktop and cannot work properly with other Gtk-based desktop environments such as Xfce, MATE, and even Budgie and Cinnamon.
Other topics you might want to check out:

  • Yaru colors: Ubuntu’s default theme (11 colors) (Gtk, icons and Gnome Shell)
  • Stilo is a clean, minimalist GTK theme pack
  • Plata is a new Gtk theme refreshed based on the latest material design
  • Amber is a cool atmosphere Gtk / Gnome Shell theme
  • Canta is an amazing material design GTK theme

Screenshots showing Zorin OS 15 themes (each theme has light and dark Gtk + and icon theme versions, but in most cases, I only took screenshots of the light version to minimize the screens in this article Number of screenshots):

Zorin OS 15 Windows 95 Gtk Theme
Zorin-95-Reward theme using Windows 95 colors
Zorin OS 15 theme
Zorin Green Light
Zorin OS 15 theme
Zorin Orange Light
Zorin OS 15 theme
Zorin Purple Light
Zorin OS 15 theme
Zorin Graylight
Zorin OS 15 theme
Zorin Blu-ray
Zorin OS 15 theme
Zorin Blue-Dark
Zorin OS 15 theme
Zorin Red Light

Download and install Zorin OS 15 theme on Ubuntu, Fedora and other Linux distributions using Gnome Shell

Download Theme for Zorin OS 15:

Use the link above to get the latest version of Zorin OS 15 theme (you can download the ZIP or TAR.GZ archive, it doesn’t matter), extract the archive, and then copy the theme directory (ZorinBlue-Light, ZorinGreen-Dark, etc.) to:

  • ~/.icons For icon theme
  • ~/.themes Gtk + and Shell Theme

If these folders do not exist on your system, you can create them. For those newbies, I should mention the points (.) The beginning of the folder name, so the folder is hidden, you need to press Ctrl + h Toggle hide / show hidden files and folders.
The steps I mentioned are only used to install themes for users. To install them system-wide, place the Gtk (including Shell themes) theme in /usr/share/themes, And icon theme folders /usr/share/icons.
You can now use the Gnome Tweaks application to change application and icon themes.
Need detailed help to change Gtk +, icons and shell themes on Gnome? I wrote all about it some time ago.