Vector graphics editor Inkscape 1.0 stable version released

Ink 1.0 has been released, which contains an updated user interface, which now uses GTK3, HiDPI support and new real-time path effects and many other changes. There is also a new macOS native app available as a preview.
The 1.0 version of this free and open source vector graphics editor has been in development for more than three years, and it contains exciting new features and changes. The key points of this version are:

  • Update the user interface toolkit to GTK3
  • Theme support and more customization options
  • macOS support (as a preview; other improvements planned in the next version)
  • HiDPI screen support
  • Rotation and mirroring of the canvas
  • Align objects with handles on the canvas
  • Split view and X-ray mode to check path geometry
  • Searchable symbol dialog
  • New real-time path effect selection dialog
  • PowerPencil Live Path Effect can use the graphics tablet to draw strokes of variable width
  • Many new useful real-time path effects (corner rounding tool, offset, bar)
  • Performance improvements for path operations on a large number of paths
  • The default coordinate origin has been moved to the upper left
  • Improved text line height support
  • Variable font support
  • Browser compatible streaming text
  • Extension now uses Python 3

For more information about Inkscape 1.0, see annouce Extensive Release notes . This one This is an introduction video to Inkscape 1.0, which introduces some of the improvements added in this release:

Download Inkscape

Inkscape is available for Windows, Linux and macOS. The Linux download points to the AppImage binary file and the Snap package. Although this content is not mentioned on the Inkscape download page, the app can also be installed from the following location Flathub , Although it has not been updated to the latest 1.0 version.
It’s worth noting that when I posted this message, the Inkscape server was overloaded, so you may have problems downloading the latest version.


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