Video shows how badly macOS Monterey deals with the notch of the new MacBook Pro

Early adopters of the new MacBook Pros discovered firsthand that macOS Monterey wasn’t optimized for its notched display. The results are hilarious, annoying, and certainly don’t add to Apple’s reputation for the bug-laden iOS 15 debut not long ago.

In a couple of videos posted on Twitter, Snazzy Labs owner Quinn Nelson demonstrated some of the teething troubles with the notch. First, he showed how the elements of the status bar on macOS are hidden by the notch when the contents of the bar approaches the center of the screen. In that tweet, he joked that the MacBook Pro should not ship to customers with software in this condition.

His second video starts with the words “The plot gets thicker” and the boy makes it thicker. With apps that were not optimized for the notch, such as DaVinci Resolve, he could not bring his cursor into the notch area. macOS is blocking the storage space so applications cannot display menu items under the notch. However, the behavior is inconsistent.


– Quinn Nelson (@SnazzyQ) October 26, 2021

Nelson switched to iStats Menus and showed how the system battery indicator can also be dragged behind the notch to hide it. The developer of iStats Menus said The edge that the program relies on standard status elements because Apple’s instructions for developers “will not solve the problem shown in the video”. Even so, the experience is not what a paying customer would expect.

Our opinion

When an app is in focus, you can’t move the pointer past the notch. Moving the cursor to the right will make the cursor jump over the notch, but if you try to enter the notch from the bottom edge, the cursor will simply bounce off the edge of the notch.

These inconsistencies should not be associated with sophisticated, stable software delivery to customers who want a seamless user experience from their MacBook Pro. We’re afraid Apple put a foot in its mouth with this one because the notch is so prominent and that everyone will be messing around with the support baked in macOS Monterey. A software fix should better be on the way.

Despite this blatant oversight by Apple, would you buy the new MacBook Pros? Let us know in the comments below.

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