Video trimmer: simple and practical video trimming application for Linux desktop

Introduction: A simple and simple tool that can quickly trim video without re-encoding. Here we take a look at what it provides.

You may already know some of the best free video editors for Linux, but not everyone needs to provide all the features.

Sometimes, you just want to perform an operation quickly, such as trimming a video.

Do you choose to explore a fully functional video editor to perform simple trimming operations, or do you want to use a quick tool to trim the video?

Of course, it depends on your personal preferences and how you handle the video. However, for most users, the tool of choice is the tool that makes editing videos very easy.

Therefore, I want to emphasize a simple open source tool that can quickly trim the video-“Video fine-tuning“.

Video trimmer: a simple app to trim video quickly

Video Trimmer is an open source application that helps you trim video clips without recoding.

So basically, you will be able to trim the video without losing the original quality.

All you have to do is-use Video Trimmer to open the video file, and then use the mouse to select the area to be trimmed.

You can manually set the time range for trimming, or you can use only the mouse to drag the area to trim. Of course, if the video file is very long and you don’t know where to view it, it may take a while to manually set the timestamp.

To give you an idea, please see the screenshot below to see the options available when using Video Trimmer:

Screenshot of video trimmer

Install Video Trimmer on Linux

Video Trimmer is only available in the Flatpak software package Flathub. Therefore, you should be able to install it on any Linux distribution supported by Flatpak without any problems.

If you do not understand Flatpak, you may need to refer to our guide on using and installing Flatpak.

Video trimmer (Flathub)

wrap up

Use of video trimmer ffmpeg Below it. This can be done easily using the ffmpeg command in the terminal. However, not everyone wants to use the terminal to edit part of the video. Tools like Video Trimmer can help people like me.

For some reasons, if you want to find an alternative method, you can also try VidCutter. Of course, you can always rely on the top video editors available for Linux (such as OpenShot) to trim video and perform some advanced operations.

You are using “Video fine-tuningOn Linux? Do you already have another favorite video trimming tool? Let me know what you think in the comments below!