VideoDuke: Video Downloader for Mac

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Have you ever watched this beautiful video “All Me” by John Legend and said: “How do I get this video on my computer?” Well, today, you will get the answer to the question.There is an amazing application called VideoDuke Enables you to download Mac IOS video content. VideoDuke is different because it allows you to download content from the top 100 video streaming sites (such as Dailymotion, Youtube, Vimeo, etc.) while streaming in real time, as well as any latest content uploaded from Instagram, Reddit, Tumblr, etc. Suppose you are watching a Manchester United vs. Chelsea match on a Mac, and you can download or capture it while streaming, and other applications may not provide this feature.

Well, this is not just a video. Through the user interface of this application, you can download various categories of videos from VideoDuke subscription channels, such as TV shows, series, movies, music videos, etc. The built-in search function makes searching videos easier.

VideoDuke can also efficiently download videos embedded via HTML5 and content streamed via RTMP. We can also open Vimeo, YouTube and Dailymotion through the quick access mode in the main application window, which saves users a lot of time.

What makes VideoDuke more powerful and Free Mac video downloader The application is an option to save the entire playlist from YouTube on the Mac. Therefore, once the first video starts to play, it will automatically start to appear on the Mac screen. No matter what the video resolution is, all videos can be downloaded easily.

For example, it is recommended to play any resolution with a resolution lower than 1080p on a mobile device, and it is recommended to play with a resolution higher than 1080p on a larger monitor such as a desktop computer. But the resolution does not matter, because you can download any video, regardless of their size or resolution. You also don’t have to look around for downloaded videos on your computer. VideoDuke stores download history, which you can view at any time.

Now think about it, you like a song and it has been playing for a long time. It is only a video format, no audio format. And you don’t like the video because it doesn’t make sense to you, so it’s meaningless to play the video. With the audio-to-video converter function in VideoDuke, you can extract audio from the selected video and then download it to the device within a few seconds after the command. It can also save a lot of time, which may be time spent downloading unwanted content. Isn’t that great?

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In addition, when we watch movies and buffer movies most of the time, we tend to lose interest in watching movies. You don’t have to worry about it. A place with a weak connection or a remote place without an Internet connection, even if you are not at home or on the road, will not hinder your experience of watching your favorite videos. VideoDuke also has options that allow you to format files in a variety of available formats, which allows you to watch the video on the selected device (iPad or MAC or Android phone) later.

It has two modes. One is the simple mode, in this mode, we need to go to the website where we want to download the video and paste the URL. After that, you need to select the desired video quality or resolution, and then click the download button. As for the advanced mode, it provides you with more download functions. Don’t you hate it when you watch movies or videos without subtitles? This mode can solve this problem. It allows you to save subtitles and closed captions, which is very useful when saving foreign movies or music videos. Now we can understand what BTS is singing or saying in the lyrics of these songs.

It has a simple and friendly interface and is not suitable for tech-savvy people, so there is no need to worry. In addition, downloading it is just a piece of cake. You must go to the official website to download the installer of the software. After clicking the installer, it will install automatically. No need to worry about whether the video is a live stream or a video from any other source, you can download the video from any source.

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Sometimes, when we like the scenes of movies or videos, we tend to go back to the scene to reproduce the moment. In this application, you can actually save or mark these scenes by simply dragging the extension to the bookmark bar. . That’s perfect. This is because you do not have to roam between sites. You can click on this extension and it will open your video, find the location for you automatically, and enjoy it with a popcorn bucket.

The other best feature so far is the integrated browser. Here, you can download videos directly on the VideoDuke application without copying and pasting the URL. Well, the only drawback is that it is not compatible with Windows OS. Besides, it is one of the best video downloaders so far.

This feature and more access to more sites come from a very reasonable subscription plan. Before purchasing the plan, you can download two videos for free and experience its wonderful features. You can then pay $9.99 to ensure a lifetime upgrade for a single package, while the family package is $11.99. Another plan is to pay $15.00 per year for emergency support programs.

All in all, VideoDuke is one of the best applications you can get on a Mac computer, and it is essential for those who want to capture videos on the go.

You can download this article in PDF format via the link below to support us.Download the guide in PDF formatClose