Vimix is ​​an open source tool that helps graphics mixing and fusion in real time

There are several Linux tools available for digital artists. However, these are mainly used for image processing or drawing.

So, how do you mix and mix video clips or computer-generated graphics in real-time on Linux?

If you want to broadcast something for VJ sessions or live concerts and conferences, this is usually a use case.

vimix sounds like a tool that can do the job easily.

vimix: free and open source video real-time mixer

Of course, if you want to edit a video and apply several post-processing effects, you should choose a video editor.

However, if you want to manipulate real-time video editing to a large extent, vimix is ​​a tool you can try.This is an open source tool, which also happens to be GLMixer No longer maintained.

Here, I will focus on some of the key functions it provides.

Features of vimix

vimix screenshot 1

With this tool, you will get a lot of features. If you are not familiar with using this tool, you may feel overwhelmed.

  • Mix multiple video clips
  • Use a simple slider to control the opacity of multiple active clips
  • Fade videos in and out to apply a smooth transition when playing multiple videos as a cross playlist
  • Folder-based sessions
  • Geometry features can manipulate/adjust the size of the source fragment
  • Very useful layer options, you can add three or more videos at once
  • Apply post-processing effects to computer-generated graphics
  • Multiple blending modes
  • Ability to clone source
  • Adjust the texture of the source
  • Multiple cropping options

Install vimix on Linux

Currently, it can only be used as a snap package.So if you want to install it on any Linux distribution of your choice, please download from Snapshot storage Or your software center (if integrated snapshots are enabled).

                        sudo snap install vimix

If you need help setting it up, you can also refer to our snapshot guide. If you are interested, you can compile it yourself, or you can learn more about it in it. GitHub page .


Summarize thoughts

Vimix is ​​a tool that can meet the needs of specific use cases. Moreover, this is its advantage.

It is great to see the availability of tools tailored for live video jockeys and other professionals who use Linux.

It’s worth noting that I’m not an expert in using this tool, so I just fiddle with some common operations that control transparency, fade the video and add effects to the source.

I encourage you to explore more, please feel free to let me know your thoughts in the comments below!

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