Viper browser: a lightweight web browser based on Qt5, focusing on privacy and minimalism

Introduction: Viper browser is a Qt-based browser that provides a simple user experience while keeping privacy in mind.

Although most popular browsers run on top of Chromium, unique alternatives such as Firefox browser, Beaker Browser and other Chrome alternatives should no longer exist.

Especially considering Google’s recent potential for divestiture Google Chrome specific features of Chromium Use abuse as an excuse.

While looking for more Chrome alternatives, I came across an interesting project,”Viper Browser“Based on the suggestions of our readers Mastodon.

Viper browser: open source browser based on Qt5

note: Viper Browser is a new project composed of several contributors. It lacks certain features, which will be mentioned as you continue reading.

Viper is an interesting web browser, dedicated to being a powerful and lightweight choice when used QtWebEngine.

QtWebEngine borrows Chromium’s code, but does not include binary files and services connected to the Google platform.

I spent some time using it and performing some daily browsing activities, and I must say I am interested. Not only because it is simple to use (how complicated the browser may be), but also because it gives you the option to add different ad blocking options and some useful options to enhance your privacy.

Viper browser settings

Even if I think this is not for everyone, it is still worth seeing. Before proceeding, let me briefly introduce these features.

Features of Viper Browser

Viper preference

I will list some useful key features:

  • Ability to manage cookies
  • Multiple preset options to choose different Adblocker networks
  • Easy to use
  • Privacy-friendly default search engine – Home (You can change this setting)
  • Ability to add user scripts
  • Ability to add new user agents
  • Option to disable JavaScript
  • Ability to prevent image loading

In addition to all these highlights, you can easily adjust privacy settings to delete your history, clean up existing cookies, and some other options.

Viper Browser Tool

Install Viper browser on Linux

It just provides an AppImage file on it Release part Can be used for testing on any Linux distribution.

If you need help, you can also refer to our guide on how to use AppImage files on Linux.If you are curious, you can GitHub.

Viper Browser

My thoughts on using Viper browser

I don’t think this can replace your current browser immediately, but if you are interested in testing new projects that try to provide alternatives to Chrome, then it is definitely one of them.

When I tried to log in to my Google account, it mentioned that it might be an insecure browser or an unsupported browser, which blocked me. So if you rely on your Google account, that’s really disappointing news.

However, other social media platforms can also work normally with YouTube (no login required). Netflix is ​​not supported, but overall, the browsing experience is very fast and usable.

You can install user scripts, but Chrome extensions are not yet supported. Of course, as development progresses, treating it as a privacy-friendly web browser is both intentional and something to be taken care of.

wrap up

Considering that this is a little known but interesting thing for some people, do you have any suggestions for us? An open source project worth watching?

Let me know in the comments below.