Viper Browser Qt5-based lightweight web browser

Viper Browser is a free, open source, lightweight, privacy-focused web browser for Linux. It is based on the Qt framework and is released under the GPLv3 license. This is a new project and is still under active development. Comes with built-in ad blocking with Easylist, Easy Privacy, uBlock Filter and AdBlock Plus Filter. You can also add custom filters. You can set startpage, seaax, Google and duckduckgo search engines as default.

Other features include autofill manager, tab hibernation and wakeup, embedded PDF.js support, UserScript support, custom user agent support, pepper plugin API support, bookmark management, cookie viewer and editor, and cookie filters. There is support.

Install Viper browser on Ubuntu

Viper Browser is available in a portable AppImage file format. You can run Viper Browser in the following ways: Go to the download link below to download the Viper Browser in .AppImage file format and save it in your download folder.

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Download Viper Browser

Open a terminal application and run it one by one under the Viperrun command.

cd Downloads
sudo chmod +x ~ Viper_Browser--x86_64.AppImage

Web browser settings

Here, “Viper_Browser–x86_64.AppImage” is the name of the downloaded file. You can change the above command based on the downloaded file name.that’s it

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