Virtual MIDI Piano Keyboard – VMPK

Virtual MIDI Piano Keyboard is a free open source MIDI event generator and receiver for Linux, Windows and Mac OS. This software allows you to play MIDI notes using your computer’s mouse and keyboard. It is based on the Qt5 and Drumstick RT frameworks. You can also map an alphanumeric keyboard with VMPK. It also comes with Spanish, German and French keyboard layouts.

Install a virtual MIDI piano keyboard on Ubuntu

VMPK is available in flatpak and portable AppImage file formats. First, you need to install flatpak and flathub on your system. To do so, follow the link below. If you have already installed it, skip that step.

Install Flatpak on Ubuntu

Open the terminal software (ctrl + alt + t) and run this Virtual MIDI Piano Keyboard flatpak installation command.

flatpak install flathub net.sourceforge.VMPK

After installation, you can run VMPK from this command.

flatpak run net.sourceforge.VMPK

vmpk settings

Install VMPK via AppImage.

Download virtual MIDI piano keyboard

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Download the latest VMPK in .AppImage file format from the download link above and save it in your download folder. Then run the following commands one by one in your terminal application. The file name downloaded here is “vmpk-0.8.0-linux-x86_64.AppImage”. Change the command based on the file name.

cd Downloads
sudo chmod +x ~ vmpk-0.8.0-linux-x86_64.AppImage

that’s it.

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