VLC BitTorrent plugin to stream video torrents without waiting for a complete download (PPA for Ubuntu and Linux Mint)

Want to torrent files with streaming media VLC Media player without having to download the full seed before starting to play? There is a VLC plugin called vlc-bittorrent, Which was added to the Debian repository about a month ago. The VLC BitTorrent plugin supports .torrent files and magnetic links, and it was developed for Linux. Developers say the plugin can run on Windows or macOS, but it has not been tested.

Petter Reinholdtsen, the Debian maintainer of the VLC BitTorrent plugin package, Say Since the package was first uploaded in Debian, it has been improved, and when users click a torrent file or magnetic link in a browser like Firefox or Chromium, the package now allows VLC to open (and start streaming Transmission).
On my Ubuntu 18.10 system, clicking a .torrent file in a web browser to use VLC for streaming has worked to some extent. When asked which application I want to use to open a .torrent file, I must select “VLC media player (bittorrent)” in Firefox, while in Chromium, I downloaded the .torrent file, but clicked the file without using VLC Open (but clicking on the file downloaded from the Chromium download status bar will open VLC and start streaming video). I did not try to link with magnets. When VLC streaming torrent, it is also sowing, so please keep this in mind when using it.
There are several known issues:

  • VLC cannot be turned off until the seed stream starts playing (you can force it to turn off in the following ways: killall -9 vlc although)
  • If you want to play a torrent file containing multiple files, the VLC BitTorrent plugin will play a random file in the torrent, and the file may not be the correct file. Debian package use patch Try to play the largest file in the multi-file seed.

To this end, I have to add that the plugin creates a vlc-bittorent folder in the Downloads directory, which stores the downloaded files and does not automatically clear all downloaded files. Some people may like it, but I want to store these files in /tmp So they will be deleted automatically after restarting.
The plugin has been continuously improved, so these quirks may be resolved at some point.

How to use the VLC Bittorrent plugin to stream video torrents

Firefox opens torrent in VLC

As I mentioned above, the VLC BitTorrent plugin should support using Firefox or Chromium to click on .torrent or magnet links to open them in VLC. But this may not always work.
Another way to use VLC to play torrents is to copy the .torrent file link or magnet link (right-click the link in the web browser and select Copy link address Or similar), then select in VLC Media > Open Location from clipboard. You can also open the downloaded .torrent file in VLC in the following ways: Media > Open File.
You can also run a torrent file or torrent link (.torrent or magnet link) as a parameter of VLC from the command line:

vlc video.torrent
vlc http://example.com/video.torrent
vlc "magnet:?xt=urn:btih:...&dn=...&tr=..."

How to install vlc-bittorrent

The vlc-bittorent code can be downloaded from the following location Here.
The vlc-bittorrent package for Debian Testing and Unstable is located vlc-plugin-bittorrent name. You can use the following command to install:

sudo apt install vlc-plugin-bittorrent

vlc-bittorrent has not been imported from Debian to Ubuntu 18.10, so it is not yet available in the Ubuntu archive. However, as I told you before, I plan to upload the PPA packages I use to PPA so that others can use them. This is PPAAnd I just uploaded vlc-plugin-bittorrent To it. As a side note, I only intend to release packages that are not yet available in Ubuntu, so adding PPA will not cause any conflicts or destroy anything.
The vlc-plugin-bittorrent PPA package comes from Debian Unstable and is packaged by Pete Rainholsen.
You can use the following command to add PPA and install the VLC BitTorrent plugin in Ubuntu 18.04, Ubuntu 18.10, or Linux Mint 19 (and Linux distributions based on them, such as the basic OS 5.0 Juno):

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:linuxuprising/apps
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt install vlc-plugin-bittorrent

You can also download the DEB generated by PPA by clicking the following options: This linkTo use this plugin, you need to install VLC from the repository instead of Flatpak or Snap package! You can install VLC in Debian, Ubuntu or Linux Mint using the following command:

sudo apt install vlc

You should now be able to stream video seeds using VLC media player. To try, please visit the Internet Archive Video section And try to stream some video seeds. this is A link I once tried to use this VLC plugin video.