Wakan­da Calls: Down­load These 10 HD ​‘Black Pan­ther’ Wall­pa­pers to Claim Your Legacy

Black Panther is not one man. It is the spirit of Wakanda. The mantle of the superhuman power has passed on for generations.

This February 16, Marvel Cinematic Universe will have its first Black Panther movie released worldwide. Before we get a glimpse into the heroics of T’Challa, the warrior king, let’s indulge in some super high-quality wallpapers.

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1. The Warrior King

Source: Alpha CodersT’Chall is a Wakandan ruler and the current bearer of the Black Panther mantle.

2. The New Avenger

Bp 2 Source: Wallpaper Portal

In Avengers: Civil War, Black Panther sided with Tony Stark aka Iron Man and fought against Captain America. Since then, he has been a part of the MCU.

3. The Wakandan Pride

Bp 8 Source: Get Wallpapers

The people of Wakanda are all trained and led by their warrior king to protect their homeland and honor.

4. Vengeance in His Claws

Bp 4

Source: Wallpapers Den

T’Challa’s father was killed in a bombing attack, planned by Helmut Zemo and executed by the Winter Soldier. This is why Black Panther joined hands with Iron Man.

5. The Hero We Respect

Bp 5 HD Wallpapers

The character, Black Panther, first appeared in the highly popular Fantastic Four comic series issue #52 back in 1966.

6. The Legacy

Bp 6 Source: Marvel WallPapers HQ

T’Challa’s father T’Chaka was one of the greatest Black Panthers ever, putting a lot of pressure on his successor.

7. Leader of a Nation

Bp 7 Source: MCU WallpapersIn Marvel Comics, Wakanda is a technologically advanced nation in Africa. A rare metal called Vibranium is found, which makes it a pioneer in technology on Earth. And it has the coolest ruler of all!

8. The Fighter

Bp 8 Source: Comics World

T’Challa, the current Black Panther, has to fight Erik Kilmoner, another Wakandian fighter, in a ritual combat to earn his right to be the true leader of Wakanda.

9. Beyond Powerful

Bp 9 Source: HD Marvel Comics WallpapersLike Batman, Black Panther is known to defeat enemies and supervillains who are far more powerful than him on paper.

10. The Invincible

Bp 10 Source: Walls CoverBlack Panther possesses superhuman strength, speed, stamina, agility, senses, and reflexes. A skilled hunter, tracker, strategist, politician with an intellect of a genius, he’s also trained in martial arts and gymnastics.

Legacy Calls!

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