Warzone 21004.0.0 Released in a new “faction” for multiplayer

Warzone 2100, a real-time tactics hybrid computer game, released version 4.0.0 a few days ago with many changes.

The new release of the open source 3D real-time strategy game features support for a new graphics backend.

  • New support for Vulkan 1.0 and later, OpenGL ES 3.0 / 2.0, DirectX (via libANGLE, OpenGL ES-> DirectX), Metal (via MoltenVK, Vulkan-> Metal)
  • OpenGL 2.1 compatibility profile in addition to existing support for OpenGL 3.0+ core profiles

Other features are:

  • A new “faction” for multiplayer / skirmishes
  • High resolution terrain texture, background
  • New Music Manager, + Lupus-Mechanics New Soundtrack Album
  • Support for “script generation” / “random” maps (and two new built-in maps that take advantage of this: 6p-entropy and 10p-waterloop)
  • Scrollable room chat, and many other UI / widget improvements
  • Updated / Smarter AI Bot (Bonecrusher, Cobra)
  • New “headless” mode ( --autogame, --autohost, --skirmish).
  • JS API enhancements, + new “script debugger”
  • Remove Qt as Dependency + New Embedded JS Engine: QuickJS
  • Improved quality of life / smoothness
  • Hundreds of bug fixes

See the ChangeLog file for more information. github project page..

How to install Warzone 2100 4.0.0 on Ubuntu:

The game provides an official Snap package. It’s easy to install from Ubuntu software.

Don’t like containerized software packages? For Ubuntu 18.04, Ubuntu 20.04, Linux Mint 19/20, and based systems, get the classic DEB package from the link below.

Download Warzone 2100

Then open a terminal from the system app launcher and run the command to install the deb package.

sudo apt install ./Downloads/warzone2100*.deb

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