Waterfox: Firefox branch with legacy attachment options

Introduction: Among the highlights of this week’s open source software, let’s take a look at a Firefox-based browser that supports old extensions that Firefox no longer supports, while potentially providing a fast user experience.

In terms of web browsers, Google Chrome holds market share. Mozilla Firefox still offers hope for mainstream web browsers who want to respect your privacy.

Firefox has made a lot of improvements recently, and one of the side effects of the improvement is the removal of attachments. If your favorite add-ons have disappeared in recent months / years, then you will have a brand new product in the form of Witerfox.


We noticed that Waterfox has been acquired by System1. The company also received a search engine Startpage aimed at privacy. Although System1 claims to offer privacy protection products due to “on demand”, we cannot guarantee their claims. In other words, trust System1 and Waterfox.

Waterfox: Firefox-based browser

Water Fox Classic

Water fox Is a useful open source browser built on Firefox, which focuses on privacy and supports legacy extensions. It does not position itself as a paranoid privacy browser, but does respect the basics.

You will get two separate versions of Waterfox browser. The current version is designed to provide a modern experience, while the classic version is designed to provide support NPAPI plugin with Boot extension .

Waterfox Classic screenshot Water Fox Classic

If you do n’t need to take advantage of boot extensions, instead rely on Web extension , Waterfox Current is what you should pursue.

And, if you need to set up a browser that requires a lot of NPAPI plugins or Bootstrap extensions, the Waterfox Classic version will be perfect for you.

So if you like Firefox but want to try something else on the same line, this is an alternative to Firefox.

Features of Waterfox

Waterfox screenshot Water Fox Current

Of course, technically you should be able to perform many operations supported by Mozilla Firefox.

So I will highlight all the important features of Waterfox in the list here.

  • Support NPAPI plugin
  • Support Bootstrap extension
  • Separate versions are provided for older version extension support and modern WebExtension support.
  • Cross-platform support (Windows, Linux and macOS)
  • Theme customization
  • Archived add-ons

Install Waterfox on Ubuntu / Linux

Unlike other popular browsers, you do not need to install software packages. So you will have to download the archived packages from it Official download page .

Waterfox download page

Depending on the version you want (current / classic) – just download the file, .tar.bz2 Extension file.

After downloading, just unzip the file.

Next, go to the extracted folder and look for “ Water fox “File. You just have to double-click it to run to launch the browser.

If that doesn’t work, you can use the terminal and navigate to the extracted Water fox folder. Once you get there, you can run it with just one command. The appearance is as follows:

                        cd waterfox-classic

In either case, you can go GitHub page And explore more options to install it on your system.

Download Waterfox

wrap up

I’m in Pop! _OS 19.10 installed it and it worked really well for me. Although I don’t think it is possible to switch from Firefox to Waterfox because I don’t use any older attachments. For some users, it may still be an impressive choice.

You can give it a try and let me know what you think in the comments below.

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