Web Hosting: Windows or Linux?

Linux hosting is now worth its weight in gold, and it is clear why: only Linux can give the user exactly what he needs.

Perhaps every self-respecting company or firm should have its own website, and of course it should be located on a good hosting. Find out how to choose the right hosting here… Linux has some very special qualities that make it suitable for this task. First, it is a free and open source operating system that can adapt to literally any user. This is known to everyone who studied GDZ in English for the 3rd grade of Vereshchagin and was able to pass the exam for a solid “4”.

It also has advantages, some of which we will list right now:

  1. Stability: Linux is very stable and can run fine for quite a long time, despite errors in the production environment, while Windows is prone to crashes and jumps. This sets Linux apart from its competitors.
  2. Excellent technical support: professional specialists will always give you a helping hand and make sure that the hosting remains always online.

Linux supports most software and hardware, and can be configured so that you always have a backup of your data close at hand in the event of a short circuit or other unforeseen circumstance.

Linux is very easy to control and administer because you can control it even from a simple smartphone or other computer on the network. This operating system is great for saving you money because it does not need additional complex hardware to work. If we talk about security, Linux comes first here as well. Windows are needed security systems/ antivirus software for protection, Linux is fine without all this. Some hackers try to hack the operating system, but its security is strong enough to prevent it. For this reason, the websites of defense institutions run under the Linux operating system.

Linux is not difficult to configure. It is a very flexible system that supports many modern servers and their applications. There are almost no product compatibility issues. Also, its code can be modified to suit your requirements.

But most Linux users are attracted by its price, since being built on open source code, it has a reasonable price, which cannot be said about a Windows distribution. As mentioned above, Linux is very customizable for the end user, and this gives a huge advantage to the work.

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