what is Brave Speaking and How Do You Use It?

Brave Talk is a video calling feature that goes straight to the Brave Browser that focuses on user privacy. It’s another excellent tool from Brave that might just make you switch.

Here we discuss how to start a video call, invite other people, and how many people can join.

What you need to start a video call Brave Speak

How to start a video call Brave Talk, you just need Brave’s browser. Additionally, other attendees can join the meeting from any browser, which is one of the platform’s best features. All you have to do is send them the meeting link.

However, before you have a free video call. start Brave Speak up, you have to activate Brave Reward. Press the Brave reward Icon from the address bar and activate the switch next to To sue .

How to set up a video call Brave Speak

Open minded Brave and navigate to Brave Speak or click the camera icon at the bottom of the home page. Press the Start a free 1: 1 call Button to start a video call.

As soon as you allow it Brave to access your microphone and camera, go to the Attend the meeting Page. Enter your name there and click on Attend the meeting .

Brave now sets up the call and you can view the settings or test your audio and video equipment before the other person joins the video call.

To invite someone to call, copy the link in the address bar and send it to the other participant. When someone invites you to join them Brave Speak the call, all you need to do is access the link they sent you.

How many people can a. take part? Brave Speak call?

If you are using the free version of Brave Speak, you can only invite one person to the meeting. While Brave offers unlimited call times and features like group monitoring or the ability to choose a background, you may need more.

The premium version costs 7 US dollars per month and offers other functions such as the organization of meetings with more than 100 participants, call recordings or hosting tools.

Give Brave Make a try

If privacy is important to you and you need to set up a video call in no time, Brave Talking could be your solution. If you need to set up a video call with a large number of participants, consider all of them using the same video conferencing service.

This will take some time as some of the attendees will need to install, update, or remember their credentials if they haven’t used the app for a long time.

As we discussed earlier, you can streamline the process by using Brave Speak.

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