what is Chrome Music lab? How do I create a free song?

The various new advances in music, whether in the form of new instruments, software or whatever, add to the fame of music.

A wide variety of high quality audio software has been introduced over the years that has completely revolutionized the music industry. There are already numerous such software on the market today, with more being added every day.

Similar, Chrome also bought up an audio service called Chrome Music laboratory that looks pretty much the same. It’s a simple one with about a dozen or so basic experiments, however, but it’s still a great first step in that direction.

I love to listen to music. If I could get lost in the music and explore its world, I would love to. I came across a video a few days ago YouTube that slowed the beats of my favorite song down and made it more calming. I decided to try my hands on the same!

the Chrome Music Lab is fun and could be useful for beginners. Everything you need to know about them can be found here Chrome Music laboratory. Continue reading!


what is Chrome Music lab?

Chrome Music Lab is a web-based music platform that allows you to create different beats, rhythms, and songs through their easy-to-use hands-on experiments.

It’s fun to use, and even people with no experience can get started with it Chrome Music laboratory. It has around 14 different experiments that include:

  1. Common piano
  2. rhythm
  3. Spectrogram
  4. song writer
  5. Sound waves
  6. Arpeggios
  7. Kandinsky
  8. Speech sniper
  9. Strings
  10. Oscillators
  11. Harmonics
  12. Piano roll
  13. Chords
  14. Melody maker

You can use all of these instruments for free and create your track. You can merge two or more types of instruments to create a unique melody that suits your mood.

How to use Chrome Music lab?

The best part of Chrome Music Lab is the fact that it is 100% free to use and doesn’t even require registration. Just visit the website from the link below and start one of their experiments.

the Chrome Music Lab’s user interface looks very neat and simple with only the necessary components placed in the perfect location to create your track or song.

So now we know what Chrome Music Lab is, let’s see how to get started with the software:

Chrome Music laboratory

Chrome Music Lab – Song Maker

As a beginner, it is obvious that we always try to work on the best experiments possible. And with Chrome Music Lab, our focus is mainly on the song maker tool.

Song Maker lets you compose your songs by clicking the rectangles in the grids. There are altogether 14 rectangles top down. Every rectangle in the vertical direction plays the notes’ do, re, mi, fa, so, la, ti, do ‘from the bottom up.

In addition to the play / pause button, there are two other options:

  • The first allows you to change the sound of the notes on different instruments like piano, strings, woodwinds, etc.
  • The second option, on the other hand, allows you to change the sound of the beats.

Options are few, including electronics, blocks, kit, and Congo. You can also change the tempo of your song by dragging the horizontal blue bar to any tempo.

There are three more options on the right: Settings, Undo, and Save on computer. The Settings option contains a couple of important options that you may need to make some minor changes.

You can change the length of bars, beats per bar, split beats, scale, start on, and the range of notes.

Once you are done creating the music, you can save your track and share it on Facebook and Twitter. Also, you need to copy the link and share it with your friends or family.

All other experiments too Chrome Music Lab follows a similar pattern. You can create new rhythms and tracks and share them with others. You can even turn on the mood Chrome Music Lab and then share it.

Some experiments, like Spectrogram and Voice Snipper, require you to record the sound from an external source. However, the storage and sharing process for them is also the same as the others.

Bottom line: Chrome Music laboratory

The Google Music Lab is one of the easiest ways to get into music creation. While it doesn’t have a set of standard features like other software, it still has some rich features that need to be worked on.

About everything, Chrome Music Lab has a clean and simple user interface and is a beginner-friendly platform.

Since I’ve been using the Google Music Lab, I’ve been able to create my own songs or create new ones and share them with my friends. Since the functions are extremely simple, I was able to do everything with the greatest of ease.

Share your thoughts on the Chrome Music Lab and how helpful it has been to you! What do you think is different from the others?

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