What is managed hosting and how it can help your business

This is an introduction to managed hosting and some of the ways you can help your business.

What is managed hosting?

In essence, this means that your hosting purchased in Russia , will take care of your server and the services / applications on it. There are different “levels” of governance: unmanaged, partially managed, and fully managed. Depends on the choice of service provider and their management. Two different fully managed hosting providers can have different SLAs (Service Level Agreement) and can offer different services to manage them. You should always contact your hosting provider if you are interested in knowing what services are included in fully managed hosting.

All managed hosting services have a 24/7 support service which is very convenient for both beginners and experienced web developers.

What is the difference between unmanaged, semi-managed and fully managed hosting?

As we mentioned earlier, this can all vary from one provider to another, but as a rule, the most common types are:

Ungovernable, means your web hosting provider won’t help you with anything on your server and websites. You have to do everything yourself. It is not recommended for both beginners and businesses, server management requires a lot of experience and knowledge of how the underlying server system works.

Semi-controlled hosting – providers only offer support for some services on the server. More often than not, these services are hardware-related, meaning that they will configure and control the actual physical server and network. Some semi-managed hosting providers may offer basic installation / configuration support for applications as well.

Fully managed hosting is when hosting – the provider takes care of everything. All hardware, networks and services on the server are fully supported. Some fully managed hosting providers offer a best effort guarantee for issues that are not related to your server. Fully managed hosting is the best option for businesses and beginners, as you don’t have to worry about anything on your server. All setup, installation, troubleshooting, monitoring and backups will be done by your hosting provider.

Please note that some fully managed hosting providers only offer VPS hosting with a control panel without full (root) access to your server. However, your ISP can enable full access for you if you want full control over the server. Contact your hosting provider and ask them for details on this matter.

How can managed hosting help my business?

Cost reduction

Getting a fully managed server is cheaper compared to hiring a full-time sysadmin who usually has to take care of your server. A fully managed hosting provider will take care of your server and your websites, so there is no need to hire a system administrator for the servers.

Improving your site

Fully Managed Hosting – The provider will optimize your server and your website, thereby increasing the loading speed of your website. In addition to optimizing your website speed, fully managed hosting providers will also protect your server and websites. This will be a huge help considering how easy it is to access your site by hacking and compromising your data.

According to numerous studies, people tend to leave a site if it loads slowly. If you don’t want to lose customers due to a slow website, especially if you can do something on it.

Save time

Troubleshooting and fixing the problem might be interesting (for some people), but it doesn’t take much of your precious time if you haven’t tried it. In some cases, even if you are an experienced specialist, the issue will take a long time to correct. Besides you save money, the hosting provider will help you save time too. Having a fully managed hosting provider with 24/7 support can save you valuable time. Instead of having to deal with the questions yourself, right down to troubleshooting, you can simply contact our 24/7 managed support team and have them do it for you. Contacting them takes a couple of minutes, while fixing the problem yourself can take several hours. On the plus side, hosting providers have expert sysadmins running on the server, so they’ll resolve your issues pretty quickly.

So where can I find managed hosting?

You can contact Well-Web LLC! Well-Web LLC offers VPS rental and all hosting plans are fully managed with 24/7 free support. Well-Web LLC also offer free site migration if you want to switch from your current hosting provider to them.

Considering managed hosting can help your business, it is definitely better and it is recommended to use managed hosting. So start using a managed hosting provider as soon as possible.

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