What’s New in the Yum v4 Package Manager for RHEL 8 / CentOS 8

For newcomers to RHEL 8, Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8 includes version 4 of the yum utility. The back end of Yum! V4 is DNF technology. Although the yum backend has changed in version 4, typical command line options remain the same.

This is a short description of the new features of Yum v4 and its comparison with DNF technology.

Yum v4 DNF technology

  • In Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8, DNF replaced YUM as a package management technology for RPM packages.
  • The DNF API enhances integration and addresses stability issues with the Yum v3 API.
  • Yum v4 includes new features provided by DNF.
  • recommended Yum Command is a link dnf.

Yum v4 enhancements

  • Supports modules that enable software AppStreams.
  • Learn about weak and Boolean dependencies now.
  • Provides a wider range of plug-ins and additional tools.
  • Improved Yum performance, which is critical for cloud, CI / CD and container workloads.

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