WhatsApp Working on the “Communities” function for groups

A new feature “Communities” was under development for. discovered WhatsApp. As it stands, the feature could be a variation on the current implementation of the. be WhatsApp Groups.

First discovered by XDA developer , WABetaInfo has published and provided further information on the function that is currently under development. It is claimed that communities will be available WhatsApp beta Users on both Android and iOS in an upcoming update. A community could also help administrators put together all of the groups they manage. Communities are also expected to be a new place where group administrators have more control over groups WhatsApp. For example a Discord Server would be the equivalent of a community while Discord Channels will be like chat groups within this community. It is also protected by end-to-end encryption. Interestingly, the symbols for communities are squares with rounded corners instead of circular symbols like groups.

A screenshot of the community function shared by WABetaInfo

There is currently no information about the additional tools for administrators that a community would bring. However, it is known that users can be added manually or can join using the Community Invite Link shared privately or publicly by the administrator.

Despite its size and immense user base WhatsApp is slow in adding features compared to other competing instant messaging platforms. For example, several messaging apps enable seamless chat backup and synchronization across Android and iOS, however WhatsApp only recently allowed iOS users to migrate their chats to Android. For now, the function is limited to Samsung Galaxy and Google Pixel Devices. Another feature introduced after other messaging platforms is the ability to Cloud- Encrypt backups.

Note that Community is still under development and its final appearance, functionality, and functionality could be significantly revised before it is released beta Tester. Do you think this is the management of WhatsApp Groups or would it just complicate matters? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below!


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