When typing, the skateboard mutes your microphone

Hourglass Is a new Linux program that can automatically mute the microphone when typing (unmute it when typing stops).

Its developers best describe it:

Never listen to someone making thunderous sounds during a video call again! Well, no one talking to you will have to listen. If you don’t want to listen, please encourage your friends and colleagues to install Hushboard. When typing, the microphone is muted. When you stop, it will unmute again. That’s it.

The PyGTK3 application sits in the tray, waiting for you to type, and once you start typing, it will mute the microphone. The Hushboard microphone icon displayed as a tray/indicator changes according to your microphone status (enabled or muted). The tray also allows you to pause Hushboard and exit the application.

This small program is only 3 weeks old, and its description says it’s “App for Ubuntu“, but as long as PulseAudio is used, it should also be available on other Linux distributions. In fact, the application is currently packaged for Arch Linux (AUR) and Snap packages (many Linux distributions support this package) .

Please note that when using the Gnome desktop, to view the Hushboard tray icon, you must have an extension that provides this feature, such as AppIndicator and KStatusNotifierItem support Extension (installed on Ubuntu by default, no need to install anything else).

You can use to test without actually having to talk to others gst-launch-1.0 pulsesrc ! pulsesink Used for live microphone output (echo test), but please note that the audio delay is small when using this function.

If you want to know more, I’m sorry to tell you, but this is my ?️. The application is very simple, with zero configuration, and can do its due work efficiently and gracefully.

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Install Hushboard

Hushboard can be found at Snapshot storage Applies to Ubuntu and many other Linux distributions that support snapshot packages. Arch Linux/Manjaro users can also install it from the following locations AUR. Alternatively, you can run/install the application from source code as follows: Explain here.

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