Where is the menu Here’s how to use the new Play Store interface on Android

It’s not uncommon for Google to update the user interface of its Android apps – including the Play Store. A change made in early 2021 puts many of the menu items you might want to access in a much less obvious place. We’ll show you where to look.

Google launched in April 2021 roll out a slight redesign to the Play Store on Android. Similar to other Google apps, the main menu has been moved from the three-line “hamburger” button that was previously in the top left corner to the user’s profile icon in the search bar.

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While this is a small visual change – removing a single icon – it makes a pretty big difference in how app navigation works. You now need to train yourself to check for app updates elsewhere, view your library, and access the settings menu.

When the new UI becomes available on your device, you’ll notice that the old hamburger menu icon (three horizontal lines) has faded. When you tap on it, you will see the message shown below asking you to tap your profile icon. The old slide-out menu is gone afterwards.

To access the menu in the Play Store app on Android, from now on you have to tap on your profile icon on the right side of the search bar.

This will expand a menu with all the options you are used to. This includes My Apps and Games, Library, Payments and Subscriptions, Settings, your Play Points information, and more.

new menu interface

That’s it! This is a seemingly small change, but it certainly takes some getting used to. If you access this menu frequently, you have likely developed some muscle memory for the old location. The un-training starts now.

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