Which are the best online payment services in 2021?

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Due to the coronavirus crisis, a new digital revolution will occur in 2021. Online payment services are used more than ever before, and their flexibility has become a major problem.

Indeed, research shows that during the COVID-19 pandemic, the vast majority of banks (88%) are overwhelmed by the public’s online and mobile banking needs.

Which online payment service you choose to use may depend on your specific requirements, and there are many good choices.

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Here are some of the best online payment services to consider in 2021.


Randomly ask a person on the street, which online payment service they use, they may use PayPal as their name.

PayPal enjoys a strong brand awareness that is enough to cause the jealousy of the entire industry, is a giant in this field, and the company continues to grow.

PayPal’s digital payments record record growth Since the pandemic was directly caused earlier this year, this is a rare brand whose demand has surged due to COVID-19.

In the first quarter, PayPal added 10 million new accounts, so the platform is still growing at a rapid rate, and it predicts that 15 million new accounts will be created in the second quarter.

As part of S&P’s global market intelligence, 451 Research also revealed that PayPal ranks highest in customer trust among payment companies and financial institutions.

PayPal continues to innovate in the online payment service industry, and the company recently launched a new tool that allows shoppers to purchase electronic products in interest-free installments.

The shift to online shopping caused by the coronavirus crisis is indeed good news for PayPal. There is no doubt that it still has the best online payment service in 2021.


You can see PayPal’s direct competitors in Dwolla. Dwolla performed well in 2020, but still lacks the public recognition that its main competitors can enjoy.

Dwolla CEO Brady Harris believes that COVID-19 has even persuaded companies that previously did not want to go online to make ends meet.

Speaking In a recent interviewHarris explained that Dwolla’s total payments “take off like a rocket” during the early stages of the entire American pandemic.

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“I think [companies] Harris said: “They have realized that they can use digital payments to conduct business more efficiently.” “If I am a bookmaker, then my money will continue to be in front of my eyes. I think it can be kept.”

Considering the state of the game in 2020, it is difficult to argue with this assessment.


In our list of the best online payment services in 2021, the second place is WePay, which was founded more than ten years ago.

According to its mission statement, “WePay” aims to “make it easy for companies to get paid in the software and applications they use every day” and is part of JPMorgan Chase after the acquisition.

Using WePay can easily accept online credit card and bank account payments, and the service can also provide same-day deposits for Chase bank accounts without paying additional fees.

WePay 2020 small business payment status A recent survey revealed that many entrepreneurs still spend hours dealing with payment issues.

“At WePay, we believe that payment and banking services should be seamlessly integrated into the software that businesses use every day,” said Bill Clerico, CEO of WePay.

Authorized Network

More than 430,000 merchants use Authorize.Net for their online payment services, which makes it play a huge role in the industry.

Designed to guide companies through the process of using online payment for the first time, Authorize.Net is a Visa solution that has proven to be invaluable to many companies.

Since its establishment in 1996, Authorize.Net has processed more than 1 billion transactions, so the service has extensive experience in the industry.

Every year, Authorize.Net will pay about 149 billion US dollars, which means that it has the best online payment service in 2021.

You can download this article in PDF format via the link below to support us.Download the guide in PDF formatClose