Which programming language will you learn in 2021?Top 4 choices

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The difficult 2020 will gradually come to an end. This is not easy for all of us. Nevertheless, the Internet has predicted that 2021 will be at least as severe and challenging.

Fortunately, for certain categories of programmers, the challenge does not seem to be that big. Overall, the demand for qualified coders is growing, but you will find that you will start learning top languages ​​in the next year. 2021 is already nearby, so please prepare in advance:

  • Pay the paper fee If you are an active student, take some time.
  • If you are an experienced coder, please find time to learn.
  • Select the programming focus of the last 10 to 12 months.

Please note that this article is not a popularity ranking. There is no first and last place in the game. Today, the choice of programming language depends on each specific development area. This is why frequency and functional diversity are the main attributes to focus on when considering your next language.

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Therefore, the following are the top programming languages ​​to learn in 2021.


Python has always maintained its place, because almost all modern encoders must use top-level languages. Simple learning, structured coding, cleanliness and comfort make it a reliable choice for creating great applications from scratch.

In fact, any desktop or web application can be created using Python:

  • GUI-based applications;
  • Machine learning solutions;
  • Data science nod;
  • Web server solutions;
  • and many more.

Another great advantage of this programming language is the large amount of support it steadily receives from community members. Open source frameworks, modules and libraries make it as easy as breathing to develop another interesting thing using Python.

Although the language has been around for a long time, learning the language in 2021 will provide you with solid prospects for full-time employment and freelance programs. With Python, you will undoubtedly become an expert faster.

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Since 2007, Go has been a Google development project aimed at simplifying the creation of web applications and APIs. In recent years, Go’s growth has been steadily retained in the extension of the most compelling programming language.

What is such an outstanding killer feature of Go? This is the simplicity of the language. Using Go, developers can create valid code snippets in a few days. In addition, there is a built-in garbage collector module that makes memory management not the developer’s business.

Go can be called a Pareto rule implementation: developers need 20% of the time to complete the code, and then they can spend the remaining 80% of the time supporting it. Isn’t that cool?

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Kotlin was created by JetBrains as an attempt to assemble “something better than Java”. Many professional community members say that developers have reached their highest goals.

Thanks to one fact, the development of Android applications has become more comfortable and faster: Kotlin and Java can interoperate smoothly and seamlessly. The developers of Kotlin solved the main weakness of Java. The developers noticed this and they re-made some Java-based applications in the new language. The strong support of the toolkit is another reason why developers migrate to Kotlin.

In turn, this makes Google’s promotion of Kotlin far better than its promotion of Java. This means that Android application developers will soon use novices as one of the main tools. If you want to have a huge competitive advantage in the Android development market in the short term, learning how to code in Kotlin should definitely be one of your first goals.


Java will be 24 years old in 2020. Server-side application developers have always liked it. Those who focus on Android application development should not forget Java under any circumstances, because it is an ideal solution for creating multi-functional applications and entire platforms.

Java is object-oriented. It can continue to run without the need to establish a dedicated hardware point to support it, easy to maintain and manage. In addition, its security is also very good.

Another advantage is relative simplicity, especially when compared to other giants such as C or C++.

Java has been around for nearly 25 years, and its impressive stability is the key to keeping the language ahead in 2021 and beyond. No one will ignore Java. Unless you are not planning to take your programming career to new heights, you should not do this.

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You can download this article in PDF format via the link below to support us.
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