Why Can’t I Save Photos in the Mobile Gallery and How to Fix it

Mobile phones are increasingly aimed at lasting longer, that is why some brands have made changes in their update policies to offer us more years with the latest version of the system and the newest security patches. However, Android 11 has a memory problem that could make us very happy to enjoy a smartphone after a while.

As several users are discovering, a problem begins to appear in all those users who take many photos and record many videos, since Android 11 has a limit of 10,000 photos and video clips from which it is impossible to continue saving more files in the Gallery. An error that has nothing to do with the storage of the device since those affected still have enough space.

Photos and videos are not saved in the gallery

All the alarms have begun to appear in the terminals of various brands, among which we have seen Sony and Samsung mobiles, although other brands and models may continue to appear soon since the error to save photos is in Android 11 and not in any of layers of personalization. This inconvenience does not show us any error or alert message and that is why we can continue using the mobile camera without any problem. The problem will be that once we access the gallery, none of the photos or videos will have been stored and we will lose them forever without the possibility of recovering them.

The error for now has only been admitted by Sony and Samsung, who have confirmed that they are working on an update that will prevent more users from suffering from this problem and that it will be implemented through the next security patches. In case the error did not seem to you, you may not have to do anything more than update the mobile but if you are suffering you will have to go to the next process.

How to fix gallery error in Android 11

To try to make the mobile gallery allow us to save photos in Android 11 with all our memories, we just have to follow a process that we have seen in a similar way on other occasions. We have to go into Settings> Applications and show the system applications, now we look for “Sec Media Storage” and delete the cache and storage data within storage. Then we proceed to restart the mobile and verify that now, we can continue to store photos or videos.

In case this does not work or the “Sec Media Storage” app does not even appear, the steps are complicated because we will have to resort to the file manager. We will access the internal memory and then the “DCIM” folder. Before continuing, we recommend that you copy all the photos to another device so as not to delete them by mistake and thus be more calm.

All the folders called XXXANDRO should be renamed to, for example, OLD_XXXANDRO with the intention that a new folder is generated that will allow us to continue storing the files. Before taking this for granted we have to check it manually by taking a photo or video.

Source> Sony

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